CVG Previews Motorstorm Download Pack

The new downloadable Motorstorm pack is due to hit the PlayStation Network at some point today but CVG have already given it a workout and grabbed a few movies for you to ogle.

After download the Coyote Revenge Pack you'll see 'Wreckreation' appear in the menu. Hitting this gives you Revenge Weekend and Time Attack modes but Revenge Weekend is what you're really paying £3.99 for.

This is played through in the same fashion as the single-player game. There are three 'tickets' to work your way through and each one has three races to take part in. You've got to come in the top three to unlock the next race and by doing this in all three races you unlock the next ticket (or event, if you like).

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monkey6024062d ago

Well there's something to look forward to today