Alone In The Dark for PS3 Not Delayed

Atari has told Eurogamer this afternoon that the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark hasn't been delayed after all, but will launch simultaneously with the PC and 360 games.

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MK_Red4059d ago

Awesome news. Now if only that Orange Box delay could also change...

ShiftyLookingCow4059d ago

dont forget its EA not Valve doing PS3 port for some extra money

Antan4059d ago

This is a rather pleasant "up yours" to all the idiotic trigger happy 360 fangirls posting tripe in the initial delay news post, you all look rather stupid now. tut tut, must do better.

shodown194059d ago

Yeah. All I saw was delaystation this and delaystation that. Why cant people be appreciative of all consoles instead of acting like we only have the right to play just one.

SabreMan4059d ago

it's because some people develop an unhealthy allegiance to a console and take it upon themselves to defend it like it was a family member or loved one, we all share the same love which is "gaming" not hardware ownership sadly some cannot grasp that and pounce upon the slightest bit of negative or bad press regarding what is to them the enemy.

it is sad and very blinkered, sadly fanboys as they seem to be called cannot grasp the fact that a good game is a good game irrespective of platform. same goes for news or press coverage, reviews whatever the case may be.

DEADEND4059d ago

Your so right just last night THE DUDE called me a fanboy because I own a PS3 when in fact I own both consoles, I only went out just last monday to get my PS3 and I had my 360 since Nov but yet I'm a SONY fanboy. He goes on and say I'm a fanboy because I want to get PS3 games on day one and says that every SONY fanboy has a broken 360, so I guess that 36% rate are all SONY fanboy right. I don't see why we can't own both and I don't see why people have to call one other out over a system, thats very childish.

Yes I admit I've said that 360's over heat because thats what happened to mine last sunday and thats why I went out and bought a PS3, Yes I've cracked jokes about how FFXIII would be on 4 to 5 disc when in fact that would be true if it came out on the 360(look at BLUE DRAGON I heard its out on 3 dvd's so I can see FFXIII being 4 disc since FF games are really long). But I always said that the 360 has the same power as the PS3 and I've said that the 360 has a great line up of games but thats not enough for fanboys because you have to stick to one console only.

I wish people could grow up and just respect other people, not once have I disrespected a person on this site nor did I get on someones case because I disagreed with what they said in a comment. The real fanboys are the ones how take sides and are the ones who are bias and closed mined, they are the ones who call people out simply because they support both console or own both consoles.


@Sabre Man, bubbs for you man I could not agree w/you more I do not like 360 at all, but when Gear of War came out, you would have thought I was an Xbox fanboy thru and thru

@DeadEnd, I hear what your saying man, thats the nature of the beast on here, No matter how unbiased you are someone will find a way to flame you

Bubbs for you both


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