American Sales: 360 Outsells PS3 while Lair & Warhawk Enter Top 10

Sales across the board were quite interesting this week. Compared to last week, hardware sales were up significantly, and the three current generation consoles (Wii/PS3/360) saw pretty big shakeups in their top ten software for the week:

1---Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
3---Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
4---Wii Sports
5---Madden NFL 08
6---Blue Dragon
9---Wii Play
10-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

-Metroid Prime 3 had a much better launch week than Metroid Prime 2 did - 314k vs. 139k. This is even more impressive considering GC had 2x as many users in November 2004 as Wii has now, and that Prime 2 launched in November, while Prime 3 launched in August. If Galaxy and Brawl show the same type of generation to generation growth (2.25x better sales), then Nintendo is going to make alot of money.

- PS3 is approaching respectable Americas (US,Canada and a bit extra) sales. If it can do 55,000-60,000 a week for a while in the Americas, the business ecosystem of PS3 will improve quite a bit - at least in the West.

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MK_Red4113d ago

Metroid is a famous Nintendo game ans Metroid Prime 3 a famous sequel on the best selling next gen console Wii and yet it's sdebut is weaker than a new IP like BioShock.
Both are superb hardcore games but this proves one thing: Wii is becoming more and more casual and less hard-core. In a few weeks Metroid will leave top 10 while Wii Sports and Play remain forever.

ItsDubC4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

This is sales data for the week ending Sept 1st. Bioshock was released Aug 21st while Metroid Prime 3 was released Aug 27th (and actually in stores on Aug 28th). So while Bioshock was out for that entire week, MP3 wasn't. It began shipping on the 2nd day of the week and wasn't available in stores until the 3rd day.

Speaking on debuts, it would be more accurate to compare Bioshock's sales from Aug 21st-Aug 28th to MP3's sales from Aug 28th-Sept 4th (or even Aug 27th-Sept 3rd).

jigaman4113d ago its not becoming more casual and less hardcore. The launch sales don't suggest have...and you have no credibility therefore your assumption is folly.

nasim4113d ago

VGCHARTS data is completely unreliable.

How come x360 sold 78 000 units .The week before Last week saw the release of Bioshock and it sold just 64000 units then.

There is no way x360 could sell 78 000 units last week and Metroid Prime sold more than Bioshock (overall).

Metroid originally sold around 400 000 copies till date. there is no way Bioshock could sell over 400 000 copies?????

cooke154113d ago

Wii has a less hardcore userbase than GC? Yet MP3 doubled MP2's launch sales with half the usebase? interesting.

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Meus Renaissance4113d ago

Sales figures don't include the PSN downloads. Sony will probably release a figure of that in the upcoming weeks.

Meus Renaissance4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Only one type of poster will disagree with that.

EDIT: lol @ disagrees.

toughNAME4113d ago

we all know Warhawk is selling well

the main point here is even with Sonys two "AAA" titles...the 360 is still outselling the PS3

4112d ago
MK_Red4113d ago

I was hoping for a bigger PS3 sales with Lair and Warhawk being released.

Zhuk4113d ago

vgchartz is garbage, even GAF bans it

ip-student4113d ago

Only go there if you want malware loaded onto your machine (I hate when web sites do that kind of crap).

sak5004113d ago

"4 -
vgchartz is garbage, even GAF bans it "

Jeez, if it showed higher ps3 sales than it would have been, "see we told you ps3 would own 360" You sony retards have excuses just like sony has excuses for pos3. YOu hate IGN, Gamespot, EA, UBISOFT, EPIC, Gears, PSM, Paramount, Warner Bros, Toshiba, wtf else do you hate, oh yeah CAPCOM. You are like hell spawns of KEN following like mindless blind bats and trying to defend your precious POS3 machine against world's evil.

Wake up and smell the f(king coffee, your PS3 is nothing but an avg console with slightly better CPU and BD drive which will not make it churn out PIXAR quality games. SO STFU and stop crying and accept defeat.

MANTIIS4113d ago

I suggest reading the "Microsoft is Rapidly Losing its Year Long Head Start in New Console Sales to Nintendo and Sony" article.

xplosneer4113d ago

Defeat? From what? A console war that you like to start?

I was down with arguing with people at first but this war is getting annoying now.....

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PS360WII4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

"while GBA slowly continues to slowly die off with sales of 81k."
I don't get that statement for it's more than the 360 (78k), PS3(48k), PS2(around 50k), and PSP(around 50k). I guess maybe in comparison to the Wii (122k) and DS (111k) then it doesn't look to hot.

and so much for that one post about Metroid outselling Bioshocks release not sure how that guy figured 300k > 400k.... that's just bad math skills

Pekka4113d ago

The sentence in article was:
"If these sales were sustained for four weeks, it would be a pretty interesting month - Wii would be at 490k(!), DS at 444k, 360 at 312k, PS2 at 220k, and both PS3 and PSP would see sales at 192k, while GBA slowly continues to slowly die off with sales of 81k. "

So GBA sales were only about 20k in their charts. He just speculated how much monthly sales could be according to these figures.

PS360WII4113d ago

ah that makes sense then. Thanks for that for some reason I was having trouble with that one