Microsoft ships incorrect Xbox 360 power cords, fires monkeys in shipping department

Nice job, Redmond. It seems that Microsoft has inadvertently shipped 20,000 American Xbox 360s to their European distribution channels. Uh oh. The biggest problem here is that the power supplies are completely incompatible with European outlets, rendering the massive pile of units completely useless. Nice move.

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dale14062d ago

at 240v uk i can see fires starting if plugged in at the very least a blown to bits 360

caffman4062d ago

The plugs wouldn't fit. And the power bricks output the same power to the 360 if you put 110 or 240 into it. So no blown 360.
And why is it that the biggest troll contributor always puts anything on here that seems to make the 360 look bad?

jromao4062d ago

Sure MS will email customer who got them to buy PS3s next time when shopping,

if customers arent' smart enough to pick one PS3 maybe MS will help them.

Note: I'm not saying nothing I don't know, I own one 360, I was stupid enough
to get one to use it with Forza 2, also disapointing game.
360 is In queue to auction soon as I get done with some demos I want to try soon.

And my two other PS3s will be alone and happy again.

SlappyMcTaint4061d ago

It's bad enough for M$ as it is over there, but to fcuk over the Europeans when they're already not liking M$ is just the icing on the lazy American company's cake.

LOL. LOL. I think I just sharted i'm laughing so hard.

Azures4062d ago

Report on this story:

"Change the title, or don't bother. Just more flame baiting. Of course, N4G has it's OWN "monkeys"...ignorant Sony fanboys submitting such "news", and the incompetent staff ultimately allowing it to be submitted. :o"

Even though I've seen much much more inflammatory anti-Sony articles posted which much worse wording....

Suck it up.

AliC4062d ago

The fanboyism is on both sides sadly.

TriggerHappy4062d ago

The title has not been tempered with from the source.

I understand that, that necessarily don't make it right, but sometimes people(Like Bloodmask) complain when you temper with an article heading.

Itachi4062d ago

microsoft are monkeys and run by the biggest orangutan bill gates and former baboon peter moore

CRIMS0N_W0LF4062d ago

LOL that made me laugh! Bubbles for you!

FordGTGuy4061d ago

How much money are you swimming in? Get a life dude.

spasticjustice4062d ago

here it comes.....FLAME ON!

Mr PS34062d ago

god damm idiots dont matter they still goona blow

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The story is too old to be commented.