DirectX10: The Next Generation in Gaming

Wikipedia says DirectX is a collection of APIs for easily handling tasks related to game programming on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is most widely used in the development of computer games for Microsoft Windows. The DirectX SDK is available free from Microsoft. The DirectX runtime was originally redistributed by computer game developers along with their games, but later it was included in Windows. Game developers still often include an updated version of DirectX that prompts installation automatically after the game installation to ensure proper program functionality.

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FordGTGuy5384d ago

Awesome software but they said no other platform but isn' Direct X10 preinstalled into the Xbox 360?

TheMART5384d ago

Yup 360 will run DX10. Combine all this with XNA and it'll whipe PS from the planet earth.

The most funny thing is:
"DirectX10 (Crysis)"

So Crysis runs on DX10 which actually won't play on PS3 but will on 360. I guess in consoleland there will be a lot more exiting exclusives on 360 that won't be ported over to other consoles!

achira5384d ago

xbox360 does not support dx10, only some tidbits of it.

you dont understand the concept behind directx. its only a graphics library. you can write it yourself if you are good enough. it has nothing to do with "oh xbox360 can do this because of directx10 and ps3 cant do that because of openGL". its only a library, if you are lazzy you can use some nice functions of it. but if you are good its no problem to do the same with openGL, because you can access all the hardware with assembler. but i bet you have no idea of anything. the only thing you can is false hyping.

Thugbot1875383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

Yes openGL and DirectX are libraries that talk with the hardware. It’s a development tool and makes developing for a platform a whole lot easier. Hint, Hint (less cost in development, better quality games, and more games.) In assembly you can do the same thing these API’s do but it requires a level of sophistication above most developers. Not only that most hardware is made to support the way these API’s work. As we know not all hardware is created equally as is true with the API’s. OpenGL is managed by a committee which votes on which features they will include after debate, which means they are a lot slower to move with the rate of technology changing (lack of support for joystick API’s). Which programmers waste time learning how to talk with hardware to add these features in. (Time is money.) DirectX on the other hand has been able to be on the cutting edge in features it supports latest and has left OpenGL behind. Wonder why developers are praising how simple it is to develop on the Xbox360? MS has had years of practice to get this right and make the correct tools for the job. A high spec system doesn’t mean much if developers can’t utilize its power. So this isn’t hype at all.

BIadestarX5384d ago

I'm very excited about this. While Sony it's trying to prevent communities from making their own homebrew games/applications (i.e. PSP security updates); microsoft it's giving the tools to make it easy. Heck yeah; count me in. Any body care for a SNES Emulator for the 360?

achira5384d ago

??? try to develop a game for the xbox360. i think you will see that its not so easy like you think, because there are restrictions a normal user will never surpass (dvd copy protection for example).

achira5384d ago

what a joke. they use old games (directx 9) and a new game (directx 10) and compare it. of course the old game is not as good as the new one, this has nothing to do with dx10.
and was crisis not running with dx9 ?!?! noone has seen any dx10 screens of this game. i bet the screens from crisis were rendered with dx9. ppl will come a mucker again, because of all this lies.

The_Firestarter5383d ago

I remember they said Crysis was rendered with DX9, the whole demo of it was.

Xtrm L1481L1TY5384d ago

Jesus achira! Calm down you little nerd. Let's just play some games.

achira5383d ago

hey no problem. its a little bit hilirious when you see the comparisons and if you are not a total idiot. i must laugh all the time about ms. ppl are totaly idiotic if they believe directx10 is far better than directx9. ms wants only to sell its new os with all tricks.

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