Warhawk - Epic Trailer

A brutal war is being waged online. Are you a part of it?

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malingenie4063d ago

That is, when the netwrok is working.

rev204063d ago

This game rocks.

CTF mode rules running away in ya jeep with 4 or so warhawks on your tail plus tanks and more.

SmokeyMcBear4063d ago

yeah ctf is fun.. but when both flags get captured, and they camp at their base, it can get kinda annoying, but its fun none the less. i really like zones, thats is pretty fun, until one side owns, but its all great in my book

resistance1004063d ago

That trailer really does show how fun and epic this title really is ^_^

Meus Renaissance4063d ago

I think that was me owning everyone :)

Watkins4063d ago

I CANNOT decide if I should get the boxed version or not. I like boxes for my games and actually having it on a disc. BUt on the other hand, I'm not sure I would use the bluetooth headset all that much, and I don't have all that much money. Hmm ...

Kleptic4063d ago

one thing to definitely check is your NAT type your PS3 is aquiring (the "type" doesn't really mean anything, its just a way your PS3 describes connections)...and if you are one of the unlucky peeps with NAT type 3...possibly reconsider the need for the headset...i just spent all morning getting mine from NAT 3 to NAT 2...and now the chat stuff works perfectly again...but Warhawk is not like Resistance, in that type 3 will not allow any chat through for the game...

unless of course you want the tangible disc with the purchase...also anyone having NAT trouble with Warhawk or their PS3 for that matter can pm me about it...its tedious to fix, but it can be done...

malingenie4063d ago

A HUGE plus for my lazy ass is not having to switch blurays for different games, thus I can play rainbow six and warhawk without having to switch anything, I LOVE that!

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