The 10 Xbox 360 Games To Watch For in 2008: Gears 2, GRAW 3 & More

GamesRadar writes:
"Xbox 360's got the hits you want to play:

10) Fable 2
It's what we've always wanted out of life - grow a 'stache, embark on epic adventures, bag yourself a lady friend and er... raze entire villages to the ground. After Pete Molyneux shocked the gaming world by revealing a pet dog, he described the potential of a next gen, living, breathing Albion. We bought the dream, wholesale.

9) Too Human
They currently seem more bothered with kicking off litigation against Epic than getting their shit together and finishing this oft-delayed RPG/scrapper hybrid, but Silicon Knights' sheer heritage (who could forget Eternal Darkness or their stellar Metal Gear Solid Gamecube remake) means we remain firmly up for this one.

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MK_Red5157d ago

Too Human, Fable 2 and Alan Wake. These are the ones that I'm really watching for plus Dead Rising 2 and Killer Instinct 3 (If it ever gets made).

Lightning Mr Bubbles5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

I don't know about Dead Rising 2

Mu5afir5157d ago

Still wondering why they don't have a killer instinct game for this gen. >_<

i Shank u5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 booooiiiii! i think Ninja Gaiden 2's grphx will be better then just about anything and will make people say wow
MK Red, i hate that Rare is making this douchy viva pinata/ kameo/ banjo tooie/ kiddie games. I want a next-gen Orchid that i can flash people with already damnit! growin up i loved playin K.I. in the arcades, own a mo-fo with this goofy lookin glowstick chick, and then make their eyes pop out when she flashed em' at the end of a 30 somethin hit combo. best fighting game England ever made man

5157d ago
VirusE5157d ago

Nasim, do you ever learn? Why are you so brain dead? You just can't think objectively no matter how hard you try. You havent played any of these games so you have nothing to say about which one is better.

WIIIS15157d ago

Aren't nasim's rantings blocked on your default settings? It's like he doesn't exist.

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ktchong5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

The list really should not include non-exclusives.

Too Human has gotten a lot of bad PR, and so far it has failed to delivered. Its teasers and trailers have consistently failed to impress, and the developers are too arrogant and think they have the right stuff and blame all the faults on everyone else. So I've pretty much written off this game.

MK_Red5157d ago

Good point but only GRAW 3 is non-exclusive and with SC:C going 360 exclusive and delay of GRAW 2 and R6Vegas for PS3, they are assuming that GRAW 3 will also be timed-exclusive for 360.

Evil0Angel5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

add (NINJA GAIDEN 2(not in pc)+exculsive GTA4 content(not in pc)+Halo Wars(not in pc)) to that list and you get the best line up in any platform in 2008.

TOO human failed to deliver in previous E3 becuase the problem with UNREAL ENGINE , now they have new engine and every one know what they can deliver(MG:TS)

@blow:sony fangirls always crying 360 hassnot got games in they are eating there words

MK_Red5157d ago

No one said 360 doesn't have games but good point on NG2. They should have included Ninja Gaiden 2 as well as a Sakagochi game instead of GRAW 3.

risk5157d ago

banjo kazooie? seriously...whens the last time rare made a good game..

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ktchong5157d ago

an Xbox 360 exclusive!

MK_Red5157d ago

Good one :)
Also, adding Sakagochi and Molyneux to the list of 360 exclusives.

rev205157d ago

Nice some of them look good, i hope they make a ps3 article like this aswell

MK_Red5157d ago

Agreed. It's nice to see them write a decent game related article instead of those hot chick things.
Hopefully they will write the same for PS3, Wii and PC (I'd love to see a PSP one too).

GameOn5157d ago

Im looking forward to Bango, Too Human and Halo wars.