TGP: Dead Nation Review

"They made a game…with Zombies in it!

Dead Nation comes to us from the folks at Housemarque, the creators of Super Stardust HD, and is published by SCEA via the PlayStation Network. Dead Nation features a solo campaign as well as both a local and online co-op campaign."

Pat from That Gamer Podcast

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frankymv3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

This game has been a pretty big disappointment for me. Not very fun.

All_4_One3587d ago

Really? I can`t get enough. It`s right up there with Joe Danger and Limbo for my favorite downloadable game of the year.

crematory3587d ago

agree with you the fun factor is not that much compare to burn zombie ,i was expecting something big from stardust developer :(

Rhezin3587d ago

how in the hell could it BE a disappointment. Maybe you just got the red dead zombie package or already purchased zombie apocalypse, but there is NO reason for hate on this game.