Microsoft HD DVD Player Exclusively For Movies

I'm seeing lots of speculation about our upcoming HD DVD Player, and whether we have plans to publish HD DVD games. The answer is no.

Since announcing the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player accessory at E3 2006, we've been clear that it is designed exclusively for playing HD DVD movies. It will not play games on HD DVD.

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shotty5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

My point exactly. There is absolutely no reason to publish a game on HD-DVD or even Blu-ray. Sticking with DVD-9 will lead to betters loading times, cheaper disc and cheaper systems. If the game were to top 9GB then it would simple be put on another disc, no big deal. I remember playing metal gear solid on 3 discs. Also remember better streams rates also equals more detailed environments. (The xbox 360 drive can stream data roughly 2x faster than the ps3 blu-ray drive, xbox 360 130Mps/sec and ps3 74Mps/sec)

Thugbot1875384d ago

I'm with you 100% most people don't realize Sony is only saying Blu-Ray games are need because they have a lot at stake. If they can flood the market with Blu-Ray chances are they might win the format war. Computer games are still using CD's for crying out loud and they can support better graphics.

kingboy5384d ago

yea baby yeeaaaaa!!! xbox power

GamerX25384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” clearly show that beautiful high def graphics and huge, immersive worlds to explore are possible on the DVD9 format.

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The story is too old to be commented.