Capcom Responds to Dead Rising SDTV Outcry

If you don't have an HDTV (like me), you've been struggling with Dead Rising -- and we're not talking about the ridiculous save system, either. The text on the screen was obviously formatted for users already having entered the HD Era, and not ones waiting for a more reasonable price, because the font size is essentially unreadable at its current miniscule size, even with component cables.

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shotty5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

I have an HDTV and it looks fine. I guess the problem is if you play on a standard def TV then the text appear less detailed and are hard to make out from a distance.

wakkiwakko5384d ago

I just hope this wont be an issue with the PS3. As a lot of future gamers still don't have a HD tv set.

original seed5384d ago

it wont be an issue for the PS3 because this game is "Only on Xbox".

TheMART5384d ago

I think he maybe meant other games especially because if they ever get to 1080p (I guess they won't because all games are in 720 actually ;) ) it will be even a bigger problem I guess.

But well for this game indeed. Dead Rising is only on 360 so if you want to play it you know what to do

ACE5384d ago

i run it at 480p it looks fine to me , i can read the text siting like 8 feet away from the screen ....

maybe on 480i its hard to read?

Alexander5384d ago

Well, I hope people can do better than 480i atleast.

I dont have a HDTV but using VGA is easy and my TV can do 480p anyway, i really dont think devs should need to think about people with 15 year old tvs.

"Oohh this game looks boring, they should have made it more interesting on black and white tv's..."


i can read it, yes its small, but i thought that added to the whole arcade feel of the game. kinda reminds me of japanese RPG text too...