Nintendo DS: 2.5 million units in Japan this year

Latest Japanese hardware charts reveal extent of Nintendo's handheld dominance. The continued strong sales of Nintendo's DS and DS Lite handheld consoles in Japan have brought the system to the verge of having sold 2.5 million units in the country in the latest set of regional hardware figures, with over a week left in the first half of the year.

2,498,720 units of DS hardware had been sold in the region by May 21st, with 1.635 million of them being the new DS Lite console, and 863,000 being the original DS console - meaning that the DS has the top two hardware slots so far this year.

Sony's PSP trails the DS by a huge margin, with only 772,000 units sold compared to the 2.49 million clocked up by Nintendo's system - and it's clear that the year to date has been all about handhelds, with the PS2 managing only 663,000 new sales in the first six months of the year.

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schnodder6529d ago

Can't wait till the DS Lite comes out in europe on june 23rd. wanna trainn ma brainnn!


Delta, a new all-in-one Nintendo emulator launches for iOS

The new Nintendo-focused emulator for the iPhone is now available with support for several classic systems.

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jznrpg2d ago

How long until they get sued and it gets taken down? I say a month or 2


Sued for what? It's just an emulator no ROMs are with it. ROMs are easy to get anyway, but with iPhone you can't just copy and paste like Android unless it's jail broken I think. Anyway Nintendo should be more concerned with their ROMs up to torrent for years for all of their concoles, but then again they can't do nothing about it, they never will and I love it. 🤣

NotoriousWhiz2d ago

As long as it isn't emulating the Switch, it'll be fine.

RonnySins2d ago

Naaah! Don't want to waste time emulating on iPhone.

Knightofelemia2d ago

Won't belong before Nintendo bangs on Apple's door to have the emu removed. Like I say you take down one six more take it's place. Problem is people are putting emu's on such stupid platforms. The good emus are the ones not on stupid platforms like a red target. The good emu's are word of mouth and keep a low profile.


Final Fantasy VI turns 30 and it still feels new today

One of the most beloved entries in Square Enix’s long-running franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary and that’s cause for celebration!

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RpgSama18d ago

FFVI is a timeless classic, surely one of the best games ever created.

_Decadent_Descent18d ago

I really do wish they'd give it the FF7R treatment.

phoenixwing18d ago

Ff6 is probably the most deserving for that

Cacabunga18d ago

Octopath traveller or Star Ocean remake treatment would fit it better i think

FinalFantasyFanatic17d ago

I'd rather it play more or less the same by have the 3D chibi graphics from Ever Crisis, I don't want them to change the story like they did with FF7R.

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shinoff218318d ago

Wish they still made them like this, obviously with a graphic update.

Themba7618d ago

This arguably is my best game of all time out of the 40yrs I’ve been playing videogames


beat the pixel remaster last month. 10 out of 10 game.

-Foxtrot17d ago

FFVIII - 25th Anniversary

Square “….”

FFVI - 30th Anniversary

Square “….”

FFVII - 25th Anniversary

Square “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. We got some news on the upcoming remakes, we got a shit ton of new VII merchandise, we have some other special community things planned and on, check out this cool 25th Anniversary logo specially created for VII’s big day”


Farewell North is a good doggo narrative adventure - releasing August 2024

On Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, Farewell North works as an open world exploration adventure in which you get the chance to be a good doggo

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