EGM,'s Halo 3 Minisite - Special Coverage & Launch Countdown

Check out "Preview: Armor Permutations and info round-up" and "Blog: Revisiting Halo 2, part 3," the latest features at Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and's Halo 3 minisite. The minisite publishes a new blog, gallery and/or preview every other day until Halo 3 launches. These are the publication dates:

Week One: Campaign and Multiplayer
8.23 (Thu), 8.24 (Fri), 8.27 (Mon), and 8.29 (Wed)

Week Two: Forge and More
8.31 (Fri), 9.03 (Mon), and 9.05 (Wed)

Week Three: Story
9.07 (Fri), 9.10 (Mon), and 9.12 (Wed)

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Mr PS34061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Moisten a few panties around the world!!. OH halo's commin out i cant wait i think i'll die if i don't get this OMG cant wait!! Bunch of freaks I'm sorry but you can spot a Halo fan a mile away now its close for release just walk down the street and if there's someone across the road with Yellow pants on,Pink T shirt,Electric blue Trainers ,and a Purple feather Boa you just know that this sick freak is gettin ready for Halo!! Oh look at me and my bright over the top colours just like Halo
Best ingame grapichs by the way

ktchong4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

How's the weather in Liverpool?

Bolts4061d ago

LOL this hype is getting quite silly. I played damn the beta and it wasnt all that. The only thing I like about Halo is that everyone is in bring colors so its easier to pwn them than in Gears or GRAW2.

i Shank u4061d ago

love the pic of halo man, hahaha lmao
halo is awesome because with it, i get to play an awesome game, and also get alot of laughs from all the losers hating on the net

sajj3164061d ago

To have a mini site dedicated to the launch by a general gaming site? There is no denying the popularity of Halo. I wonder if there is another title that 1up or EGM would do this for. It is quite transparent their affectionate love for Halo. No wonder they dogged the Killzone 2 AI.

ktchong4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

EGM and also have minisites for other games like MGS4 and Mass Effect. However, other minisites are not active right now because their launch dates are so far away.

Only successful franchises and developers that have proven their worth get their own minisites. Halo games consistently received review scores of 90%+ (according to GameRanking and MetaScore.) MGS series consistently got scores of 90%+. BioWare (the developer) has scored 90%+ for every single one of their game.

On the other hand, the first Killzone game got 73% at GameRanking and 70% at MetaScore. The developer, Guerilla, has NOT even had a real hit yet. So far, both the franchise and the developer have not proven themselves beyond the hypes. Maybe if the Killzone franchise or Guerilla the developer has finally proven themselves, they will get their own minisite.

THAMMER14061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Seems like you need a pick me up. So I'll give you one..O.K.

PS3 is cool too, and one day...just one day (in the future) the PS3 will have a game as cool as Halo 3. It is coming just you wait and see. At that point you can stop acting like a immature and ignorant child and you will stop trolling this site with lame attempts to be funny or flame.

edit: Cool you like losing bubbles. Why do you hate Halo so much? What valid reasons do you have?

Mr PS34061d ago

For picking me up i did'nt realise i'd fallen but cheers and good of you to admit that one day the PS3 will have a game as cool as Halo??? W.T.F Hell even Blip tennis is better than Halo 3 Ha Ha now go on and get ready to give your nerdy PC crossover consoleing buddies a virtual high 5 when you Oh so own someone by shooting them Oh im so jelous of the Oh so loud and colourful Halo 3!!Come with me my fellow Xbums and lets defend our Halo and anyone who dare say anything bad about this oh so load and colourful game. They shall get all of our fancy insults like TROLL,and FLAME,and FANBOY!!! Ha Ha you got me there that was a low blow did'nt see that one comming better go anyway dont forget the louder the colours the bigger the statement and the statment is HALO SUCKS just like all the xbums on this site. I'm here to add a little more colour on this site admitedlly not as much as in the shambolic Halo but anyway be loud and proud come out of the closet and don't be afraid to wear bright colours and confess to the world I AM GAY AND I'm GONNA BUY HALO!!!!!!!!

THAMMER14061d ago

So what you are really saying is that your pissed that Halo 3 is a game and it is bigger and more popular than the PS3 all together. Such envy and hate shame on you. War Hawk is out go play some it mite help you with your hate problem. Games are fun.

beavis4play4061d ago

the "minisite" concept is stupid and i don't care what game it would be for. successful games don't need it and it just caters to the psychotic fanboys of any system.

ktchong4061d ago

This is a Halo 3 news, and this news is in the Xbox 360 channel - only.

why are you Sony trolls even doing in the Xbox 360 channel in a Halo 3 news thread??

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