Gran Turismo 5: most advanced racer, but not enough to beat Forza 3?

There is very little doubt in the minds of many that Gran Turismo 5 is set to be the most advanced racer ever. From a technology perspective there is nothing out on the market that even comes close to it. However, the feature that may be of most concern is the online community feature in comparison to Forza 3.

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3851d ago
Dee_913851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

The ability to build a car and sell it at the online auction house
is better than
night racing , wrc, nascar, custom tracks ( which you can race online) etc. etc .

basically flamebait

jadenkorri3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

how come i never see this much attention towards an 360 exclusive, i mean its been what a week or so and people are still damning a great game. The fanboys are working over time and this only tells me one thing, GT5 is the best racer out there.

zag3850d ago

in GT5 you can gift cars to other people no need for auctions.

irepbtown3850d ago

I dont get people's concern about Online in GT5.
I play online every time i go on GT5 (Which is alot) and it's perfect. It's normal.

Might not be ALOT of people, but definitely great and the Nurgburgring is just magnificent.

But Forza 3's online is really good. Does beat GT5 ONLINE.

But overall you just can't say Forza has beat GT5. Like the person wrote 'Three games in one'

kancerkid3850d ago

Real racing fans have both games and don't much bother trying to figure out which one is better. They both have there ups and downs.

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deadreckoning6663851d ago

"Gran Turismo 5: most advanced racer, but not enough to beat Forza 3?"

Contradictory statement.

Steven213851d ago

The people who disagreed obviously didn't make it past third grade english

aaron58293850d ago

lol.. english is not my main language..

but hey, even i can see something is wrong with the title...

it's like saying, it's the best hamburger ever, just cant beat mcdonalds... :O

hassi943850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Most advanced =/= best. Some clarity on what it is saying is 'not enough' precisely but your assumption isn't certainly correct.

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punkpop1013850d ago

Why the disagrees ps3 fanboys?It's his opinion huh?

phinch3850d ago

because its irrelevant to the topic...

Narutone663850d ago

Yeah so everybody can bash it too.

Blaze9293851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

the only thing Forza has GT5 beat in is just the customization. What people come up with using polygon shapes and colors is simply amazing with their designs etc. GT5 only does mechanical upgrades and rims, body kits, and paint jobs - that's REALLY lame and lacking imo.

Besides that....GT5 wins in every department.

Dee_913851d ago

i agree
but midnight club also have that over gt5 lol
it wouldve been nice to add decals to the car
i dont care about the flames and shapes stuff

Bathyj3851d ago

GT isnt about ricing up your car. Put a feature like that in there and then thats all people care about. You're right, some of those designs are stunning. And I bet that guy spent more time painting his car then he did driving it. I know I did on Forza.

Just look at damage. 4 brilliant games we played and we didnt need damage. Now that its in there, its all (the haters) can talk about. (The players are just playing.) Whatever you add, can detract from something else.

The focus of GT is on the driving and we want it to stay like that. Sure it would be nice to paint some cool designs, but honestly, if I wanted to, I'd be playing Forza.

GT is a damanding b*tch as it is, I dont have time to spend painting when I could be driving, winning cash and buying more cars.

oohWii3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Can you "spin" around for me one more time?

Oh, but please step down off the soap box first.

aaron58293850d ago


why bother.. i think we both agreed even months/years before, when this game is released.. it's gonna be nitpicked to death.

kancerkid3850d ago

Well Forza 3 does have 400 fully detailed cars. (the ultimate editions has 500)

It has a few less tracks, but you can race any car on any track.

It has drag racing.

It does have stock cars (though more basic renditions than GT5)

It has rendered undercarriages

It has deep car customization

It has an easy to navigate online component

Car auctioning

The AI actually make mistakes during races

Tire deformation

Easy to read and find scoreboards and leaderboards

All I am trying to say is that people saying Forza has no content do not know what they are talking about. Both games have tons of content. Most racing fans will buy both games and have FUN (you know what that is??? Fun?)

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ksense3851d ago

Can we stop approving shit like this. this is freakin overkill

Gt fans r gonna swear that is the better game and forza fans r gonna say theirs is better so this is never gonna end. I think it is time to move on!!! jeezus christ

karl3851d ago

yeah but.. gt fans are actually right... =P lol

Immortal Kaim3851d ago

Well don't approve this guys sh*tty articles at all then, you guys only fail these flamebait articles when you don't agree with them.

Gamerblorge is trash, no matter who's side they decide to take from week to week.

Agent-863851d ago

@THC CELL, this is a joke that it got approved. Anyone see the date? September 7, 2009! How can you take this article serious? GT5 was over a year from release.

Vherostar3850d ago

Why is Forza being compared all the time anyway?? Just because its the closest thing to GT on 360? Flaim Bait articles like this should be removed. They are both awesome games in there own rights and although on the surface they look the same they are completely differn't games. GT5 offers more in teh terms of content but cannot match the level of customizability Forza has. If you are a racing fan and own both consoles you should own both as they give a completely different experience.

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AAACE53851d ago

People only approve these kinds of articles and as much as I hate to do it, I had to put one up! Took forever to get that pic to work for some reason... but I am new to submitting, so be patient!

Agent-863851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Hey AAACE5, you do realize you submitted an article over a year old? September 7, 2009 to be exact. Actually, quite impressive you were able to get something that old approved: the people who approved it must have been smoking something.

PS360PCROCKS3851d ago

"People only approve these kinds of articles and as much as I hate to do it, I had to put one up!"

Great reasoning dude. "People only approve shit, so I'll just make sure to submit shit" That's a beautiful way to improve this website, way to go! Story is over a YEAR OLD! You should be stripped of your submitting stories ability for this.

rrw3851d ago

as usual people want to find weak point of GT5 and make it look bad.

tell me if forza had weather and 3d

FishCake9T43851d ago

Sigh... do we really have to go there? Its funny how you mention things that GT that Forza doesnt but not things Forza has which GT5 doesnt. Both are god games.

Dee_913851d ago

what !?!?

almost every review focused on what gt5 doesnt have that forza does
instead of all the stuff gt5 have

Vherostar3850d ago

To be fair the only thing Forza beats GT5 hands down at is customizability where to be fair it beats the whole genre including games built on that like the early NFS games on PS2.

stonecold33851d ago

gt5 owns forza forza should not be compared to gt5 is old news now it came out like 16 mnths ago peace out

bigj3850d ago

A game that took 5 YEARS to make is still not as good as Forza.Everyone bitching about theses articles is the ones who hyped GT5 like it was going to be king of all racers and its not.Yall should have learned your lesson with killzone or as yall called it "the halo killer".

Arup023851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

*Taking Armor to prevent from troller attacks*

Ok, the feature that's missing in GT5 is the online community. In forza you can do many things online, such as: Selling cars,designs,photos,etc. GT5 needs to improve in this point.

But please, don't compare Forza with GT. Forza is 1 year older, what's the point in this? Both are amazing games, damn.

Dee_913851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

you can share photos online .. you can trade cars online etc.

edit :
yea u only played it once lol

Arup023851d ago

Sorry, only played GT5 once, but you get the point