ESA to Schwarzenegger: Pay Up

Arnold refuses to let California's video game law be terminated. Despite a permanent injunction, the Governor has filed a notice of appeal. The ESA meanwhile is seeking almost $325,000 from California to reimburse the industry for the legal fees needed to overturn the law.

As expected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to appeal the court's permanent injunction on the video game law that sought to restrict the sale or rental of Mature-rated titles to individuals under 18. The bill was originally authored by Assemblyman Leland Yee, who's now a Senator.

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crck4061d ago

The government just pisses away everyone's hard earned money.

GameOn4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

From what i understand all hes trying to do is stop underage kids from playing mature rated games. Surely he's doing the right thing.

This is in reply to: Silver360

Silver3604061d ago

Will never be president. Just like he wants so bad. This will teach people to put dumb actors in power. The are actors people professional liars. Combine with politics and you get supreme A holes

bootsielon4061d ago

Can he even be a candidate to begin with? He wasn't born in America, so... (I'm not american, so don't bash me if I don't know that non-american born citizens can be presidents of USA)

stonedog4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

He is a hypocrite given that he made his career on doing violent action movies which appeals to the same audience he is now claiming to protect. Video games are a soft target for politicians who want to look like they stand for something. Pure populist rhetoric.

ironwolf4061d ago

he is not eligible to be president. You must be a native born citizen.

fury4061d ago

...but as a politician he fails

Rooted_Dust4061d ago

He's iconic, I'll give you that, but calling him a good actor is a bit of a stretch.

Loopy4061d ago

The California's Video game law is about forbidding the sale or rental of violent video games to minors, like M rated.
Is that bad or good?
Is it bad becomes you think violent video game do not spur violent behavior in kids?
Do you think it is better spending time and energy educating parents?
If you think so, then you just contradicted yourself. Why? Because you are basically saying that video games do not elicit violent behaviors, yet you educate parents that violent video games are not appropriate for their children.
Is educating parents a good idea? It doesn't seem to work, most parents are clueless and very tolerant towards their kids.

Forbidding the sale of such games to minors isn't a bad idea, though it isn't a good one either. But it can be a very effective measure to enforce the belief that violent games advocates violent behavior (even though that may be false).

In politics some people will be happy with a decision, others don't. That's democracy (or rather republic in our modern time).

Rooftrellen4061d ago

"Because you are basically saying that video games do not elicit violent behaviors, yet you educate parents that violent video games are not appropriate for their children."

Surely we can agree that a rap song that drops the F-bomb 100 times in 3 minutes doesn't elicit sexual or violent behavior (as much as I would like to say it does and get it banned...) but it is not appropriate for children, either. It's not in conflict at all to say something violent or sexual is not appropriate for children, but that those same things, on any form of media, do not elicit those behaviors.

As for if this is a good or bad thing, I think its a terrible thing for gamers. As goes California, so goes the rest of the USA, generally. If M rated games couldn't be sold to anyone under 18, its likely M games get the same bad rap as AO games (they become just as bad in the state with the most people), and no game over T will be made.

Censorship in video games needs to be done away with, not encouraged as this law would do.

boi4061d ago

can't believe most you guys r bashing him...It is his job to do this kind of things

Adults (mature) will agree with what his doing, it's a good thing I see what his doing if he wants CA to be a better place...some of you guys can be a little bit of a joke at times Oo

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