Unconfirmed: Microsoft lock out 23,000 Xbox Live users

Apparently, Microsoft has temporarily locked out 23,000 LIVE users who took advantage of a now resolved exploit in Call of Duty 4 beta. The exploit allowed participants to sign in on a different machine, use their beta token and download the beta again. Game site Xbox-Scene has a memo from an "internal Microsoft source" who details what's gone down..

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ISay4150d ago

i have multiple ps3 accounts, does that make me a cheater? should i be banned from psn? define cheaters because every one does something they shouldn't be doing

nobizlikesnowbiz4149d ago

Well they were using an exploit to illegitimately get into the CoD4 Beta, so they were doing something wrong.

Therefore, they deserve to be punished. Wait in line like everyone else turds.

DrRage774150d ago

agreed....cheaters and glitchers all need to go....

Silver3604150d ago

They all have that if I can do it. It is ok to do.

Saint Sony4150d ago

Yep, cheaters should be banned for good, but too far there are many Live users who did not even participate the BETA and yet they got banned from Live.

ps1h1ch4150d ago

Do you even know what cheaters mean.

MS is guilty couse they left the backdoor opened. It's ok to temporary ban them for the time of beta (just for cod4), but any other kind of ban is just plain stupid. Most of the people who wonna play cod4 really hard will definetely buy one.

BloodySinner4150d ago (Edited 4150d ago )

How is that even possible? I don't believe you.

Daewoodrow4150d ago

No, trust me, there aren't. I've seen people swear to their grave that they didn't cheat and that Microsoft banned them for no reason, but they're just trying to make themselves look good. If they got banned, they did something wrong.

Havince4150d ago

go int o game after work and ask about this APARRENT pre0order beta thing where they are the only people you can get the beta from

if the Uk beta release is friday maybe ill get the beta today on the spot, i dont know

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The story is too old to be commented.