PSP Slim and Lite slips to September 14th across Europe

Pocket Gamer mentioned yesterday that the revised PSP model would miss its announced September 5th launch in the UK (an odd date, given that video games and hardware almost always come out on Fridays in Europe) but assumed the rest of the continent would get a chance to purchase the unit (again, an odd situation seeing as Sony likes to treat its European territories as one entity – but stranger things have happened).

After visiting several French sites, perhaps predictably, those same retailers have now brought the availability of the new PSP in line with their counterparts in the UK – September 14th.

The one remaining difference is that they continue to list the Ice Silver model as being available on that day, whereas over here our choice remains limited to the Piano Black finish.

At least there is some good news regarding the video-out cables, though...

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Babylonian4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

I just bought one yesterday, and I can assure you it ain't the old model.

Oh and it's freekin'sweet by the way. The only thing I couldn't find in stores were the TV-out cables, couldn't find those yet.

willykyu4088d ago

I'm French, live in Paris and play with my PSP slim since yesterday. As Babylonian says, the only things I don't find are accesories... Screen protections don't fit the new screen, no cables, no new remote and ear plugs...
Just the super slim and light psp... (it really IS a different feel in your hands... hard to take the older model back...feels like a fridge.)