Blu-ray Stand-Alone Players Out-Selling HD DVD Stand-Alones

Blu-ray Disc set-top players within the last 12 weeks have begun out-selling HD DVD set-top players, according to recent NPD Group research cited by Sony Electronics.

Sony touted the reversal of HD DVD's long-running stand-alone dominance during its Wednesday press conference at CEDIA.

Sony VP Chris Fawcett declined to provide exact market share percentages of the two sides.

He said the change occurred mostly due to the introduction of Sony's $499 player.

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bung tickler4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

i would like to see these magic numbers sony speaks of... i'd love to take their word for it but... well it's sony.

also the fact that (link: ) has 2 HD DVD players in their top 10 best sellers and there are NO Blu-Ray players in the top 20... doesn't exactly scream of sony being truthful here...

@nasim - i just wanted you to know i can't see what you say because you are on ignore for a number of reason the biggest of which is you being a total twat, so i will just assume you said you love to stick you very small excuse for a penis into power outlets. have a nice day.

nasim4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Amazon accounts for like 1--5% of total HD disc sales.

In EU and JAPAN not even standalone HD DVD players are being sold.

IN NA after the launch of 499$ BD you would ofcourse be having BD on top given it has 57% exclusive rights to major titles.

why would a consumer choose a dead formet --which is HD DVD .

HD DVD is dead in both EU and JAPAN just like x360.

It would be dying in NA as well

joydestroy4114d ago

yeah, seriously. let's see those numbers.
even if true, there's still not a large enough sales difference between the two to say things couldn't change quickly.

Bleem3604114d ago I understand why so many people have you set to 'ignore'.


resistance1004113d ago

@ nasim

You CAN buy standalone blu-ray players in europe

Still if these figures are correct its near enough game over for HD DVD as they don't even touch apon the amount of PS3's sold

Gizmo_Logix4113d ago

LOL @ Microcrap/Toshiba and those that support them!

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spammy_nooo4114d ago

they declined to share exact numbers. 50.000000000001% market share.

or 49.9% and they rounded up and then decided that a tie means they have the lead.

still though, good news i guess. if nothing else this news will get a couple more people to go blu.

cooke154114d ago

weird, i work for a major retailer and we sell 3:1 hddvd to bluray in standalones.. and at Amazon the top selling player is HDdvd.. i would also like to see these numbers

cooke154114d ago

lol why are people disagreeing with me wanting to see the numbers? wtf is this place?

ITR4114d ago

Same here at our store. We are currently waiting for the 3rd gen Toshiba's to arrive now.
We've had the newest BD's forever but no-one is buying due to the 1.1 update coming in Nov and Dec players.

Snukadaman4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Oh you must be new here....welcome too the ps3 fanboys paradise..these poor kids are under the impression that if for some reason blu-ray looks weak or even fails,their precious ps3 will stop producing games...thats the best excuse i can come up with for the shenanigans.

hahaha 10 disagrees cooke15..nice

Fan Tastic4114d ago

the MS employee store in Redmond is not a major retailer.

fredy4113d ago

this " Biased News By Gamers" get used to it.

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DJ4114d ago

Blu-ray Players are catching up to the average price of HD-DVD players and offer a superior selection of quality titles that consumers can choose from. The PS3 offered an initial boost, but this standalone player growth is just as important.

tethered4114d ago

If its true (I'm not so sure at this point in time that it is) but if it is, this is more important than the PS3 impact on Blu-ray.

This would actually mean the average Joe is buying players. If thats the case, consider this thing over now.

xbox360migs4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

I took this from the responses direct to the article and it seems to me that the post seems to be more truthful to the actual situation and seems to be another attempt by sony to twist figures ( wouldn't be the first time).

"This is the same comment as the one at IFA. A BD insider already admitted the number is REVENUE, and not market share. Toshiba is still well ahead in market share. BD players cost more, so of course the number would be higher. The BD insider is TalkStr8, his comment is located on AVS, and is listed as an official BD insider. Wonder why the Sony rep wont release the figures? Please check all facts."

Bathyj4114d ago

Arent they NPD numbers? The ones everyone always puts so much faith in?

Husso4114d ago

Those are good only if something sony is selling less, but reverse it and the fanboys scream fake numbers.

Remember, your dealing with delusional fanboy fools.

bung tickler4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

yes NPD numbers are good... but sony's version of NPD numbers may not be... from what i know the numbers don't match what sony is saying. all i'm saying is i want to see some cold hard numbers not hear sony say "the numbers show bla bla bla..." two different things.

oh and...

@Husso - "Remember, your dealing with delusional fanboy fools." <- so people like you? forgive me for not following sony blindly and wanting to see some real numbers.

DJ4114d ago

Blu-ray player despite the fact that it can play Blu-ray movies without the assistance of secondary hardware, but claims that the 360 Add-on Drive (which requires expensive, secondary hardware) IS a standalone player.

I think a member of the Blu-ray Association is a lot more trustworthy than someone from the other camp.

tethered4114d ago

@ DJ
I never understood that thinking.

Just the fact that Blu-ray movies are doing double the sales that HD-DVD then why wouldn't they include them as players.

Oh, I know......

coltsfreak184113d ago

you are backing up microsoft who claimed that the 360 had a 3-5% failure rate???

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