BioShock Patch Causes Massive Framerate Issues

If you have not downloaded the BioShock patch, then please do not. There has been nothing said of its purpose and it has caused the game and several friends to experience lag issues.

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fiercescuba4114d ago

this patch has caused massive framerate issues and lagging. do not install until this has been addressed.

drunkpandas4114d ago

If you're experiencing lagging after the patch, my suggestion would be to clear the cache on the Xbox 360. This removes all downloaded game patches.

Go to the System Blade and then Memory. Go to the Hard Drive and hit Y. Then press X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X. Choose Yes to perform maintenance.

Funky Town_TX4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

DL the patch and played for about 30 min. Big brother kicked my a$$.

Yes I mean big daddy. I should call them big hurt. I like it when the little sisters call them mister bubbles.

bung tickler4114d ago

you know what i always though odd? they are called big daddies... however one of them is called a 'rosie' so wouldnt that be a big mommie.

i Shank u4114d ago

dude i crack up when they call them mister bubbles...but then when i shoot the big daddy right after she freaks me out with that fast multi-voice gibberish....crazy game lol

bung tickler4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

OH NOs!11!!1eleven!!1

good thing i already beat the game... played for like a week straight, got 49/50 achievments, set it back in it's case till i feel like playing through on hard to get #50...

bootsielon4113d ago

Sorry if I'm running after the squirrel, but having to beat the game on Hard JUST to get a 50 point achievement out of 1000 when you can get the rest by playing it once is retarded. Someone at Microsoft should have learned that giving an equal amount of achievement points to every goal in the game is idiotic. Even worse, giving the same amount of achievement points to every game is idiotic too! I can't imagine finishing "Ratatouille" being as rewarding as finishing "Ninja Gaiden 2".

Someone at Microsoft needs to learn about Utility theory and preferences so they can correctly apply it to games. That way you don't have your typical overinflated scores from guys that rent every single game (including crappy licensed ones and every sports game out there) at blockbuster for so little. There should be a metric for every achievement in the game, and a metric for the overall difficulty of a game that determines the amount of achievement points a game should recieve. If the game has multiple difficulties, you get less points on the Easy level, and add the rest the more difficulty you add.

Ugly American4113d ago

Looking at your avatar, I have a hard time believeing you have earned a single achievment. But I already know that, because you believe that every achievment has the same number of points. The first time I hacked something in the game, I got five points. The 100th time I hacked something, I got (I don't remember since I am at work) 20 points. When I beat the entire game without killing a single little sister, I got 200 points. So there is that whole metric thing you were looking for.

Microsoft did a GOOD thing giving developers guidelines and requirements for the achievments. It makes everything relatively fair. While some games have a ridiculous amount of energy invested in their achievments, i.e. 10,000 kills in ranked games for Gears of War, others have stupid ones, like X-men and getting a 50 point achievment for completing all the other achievments. Fortunately, the X-men game is an anomaly, and the achievments are still addictive.

Try to post about something you actually know about as opposed to trying to flamebait someone.

gta_cb4113d ago

obviously you havnt read all of the achievements, you cant get 49/50 achievements playing it only once, hes saying he hasnt completed it on Hard, he also said he played it for a whole week! i know it doesnt take a week to complete it once.

Frankenberg4114d ago

I played for a while before I logged into Xbox Live, it prompted for the update, it ran like crap afterwards. There were more problems than framerate, I had it freeze momentarily a few times.

Arkrite4113d ago

same here did the last 3rd of the game with it lagging all over

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