M2G Review: Dead Nation

M2G Writes:

Dead Nation is a fun and decent shooter, however when compared to other top down twin stick shooters this is just more of the same with no real innovation.

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jordypordy3065d ago

This game is quite decent I think.

Tdmd3065d ago

That's just what the reviewer said.

raztad3065d ago

Fun game, $11, online, offline coop = buy.

Cryptech3065d ago

Meh. I thought it was junk actually. The controls are so sketchy. Aiming feels mushy and rubberbandy. The graphics are ok but there is so much going on on screen that its east to lose track of ur toon especially with the bad camera angles. Its not really fun. And the kicker is that for an online coop game, it doesn't have voice chat , are you kidding me? Waste of $15 for me. Hopefully it gets some patches.

ThanatosDMC3065d ago

Only top down shooter with a lot of stuff on screen. Zombie bodies and particles dont disappear to nothingness. They're also still interactable afterwards.

Allowen3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I am loving Dead Nation so far.
At the stage 4/10 atm playing it on normal.
For now will give it a 9/10 because it is a very beautifull and addicting game.
Got to test the coop and other difficulty levels later on .

It is better then what I was expecting(besides the fact it is a 720p and not 1080p game) because the devs also added a coop offline mode.
I thought it would only recive online coop: )

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