Gametrailers Lair Review: Video

Another video review of the hotly disputed Lair. This is a must-watch for all interested parties in the debate. Gametrailers also has this in HD. Click on the alternate link for that.

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Meus Renaissance4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

There is hardly one significant positive in this except from the visuals. This quote symbolises the entire review..

"Unlockables include photo's of members from the Factor 5 team having a picnic".

Wii60_FTW4063d ago

someone commented that they were "sucking down hotdogs" lol.

paracardium4063d ago

This guys admits to shaking the controller around hard.. no wonder he sucks at this game.

ISay4063d ago

the frustration causes you to , trust me i wanted to break my controller

Jdash244063d ago

it would be a great game if they made a patch to fix the controls

DTClown4063d ago

Period. Everyone who I have talked to who OWN's the game LOVE's it! Again, it takes finesse to control...not brute strength as most try.

ALL games have glitches of some sort....ALL GAMES! I have yet to experience one in LAIR that truly takes away from gameplay. 8.5/10


BloodySinner4063d ago

Maybe it's awesome to you because there really isn't any alternative for PlayStation 3 owners.

What I find sad is that most of you PS3 fans choose to ignore Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The REAL triple-A title for the console.

Kaneda4063d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is boring.... but nice graphics though

warhawk is the best.... HS is maybe better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma... but we will see... so far everyone loves the demo

snittolo4063d ago

Picked it up yesterday amazing game so far. I don't see how the reviewers are giving it these low reviews. I mean gamespot is saying this game sucks more then the latest harry pothead game wtf? I honestly feel that it's something DIFFERENT and their isnt any other game out there that is like it. It's NOT a AAA title but it sure as hell is not a 4.5 or a 4.9 game.

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The story is too old to be commented.