Famitsu software sales (11/22 - 11/28)

The latest top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released. Gran Turismo 5 and Mario Sports Mix make their first appearance on the chart.

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trounbyfire3065d ago

not even close GT% maega seller just watch

trounbyfire3065d ago

it would seem that GT4 was bigger in japan but in EU GT5 is way bigger than GT4.

can't tell about NA AC:BH or COD will be number one sadly.

3065d ago
Vesemir3065d ago

Yeah. But the site don't give any sources whatsoever.
I wanted to see the numbers.

Masterchef20073065d ago

wasn't surprised that GT5 is number one on the list. Seems like Nintendo dominates the list though

Simco8763065d ago

Nintendo hand held products dominate Japan

norman293065d ago

Whats the point in giving us a software sales list with no sales numbers?