Dante's Peak?

EA had high hopes for Dante’s Inferno when it was released in February, but divine judgement has seen it slip to the seventh circle of the bargain bin. We ask an Alighieri expert what went wrong…

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archemides5183065d ago

this game was not good, i expected it to be tho as dead space was really good all around...but it ended up being the first game i ever traded in (and i collect). luckily i got almost as much as i paid for it on amazon when i sent it back to them

Rhezin3064d ago

that's good. Yeah it's one of those games that 1 playthrough is good enough. Still can't take God of War 3's top dog spot. nothing can, really, unless it's another God of War

NotAGF3064d ago

Mhm, unlucky timing on the release, no doubt about it.