Harmonix cannot patch buggy Rock Band 3 on Wii

GamerZines writes: "Harmonix has said it is unable to patch the Wii version of Rock Band 3 which users are saying is littered with glitches and bugs."

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Vherostar2904d ago

Its the main problem with Wii not being a primarily online console. We live in an age of rushed games with next to no testing as developers think "oh we can fix bugs later". It's all down to high developing costs though thanks to most games being multi-platform too. Multi-platform games means more time to develop = higher initial costs. I mean sure they make a lot more afterwards but they try cut down that cost as much as they can.

SnakeShady2904d ago

I agree with you, but we have to admit that the wii online infrastructure is a joke.

danmachine2904d ago

i agree snake, 12 digit friend codes FTL.

TheMART2904d ago

bahaahaha Nintendo really... You FAIL.

Also, why doesn't my games like New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country Returns have no online co-op MP?

Great games that would have been even better because of this. WHY?

riksweeney2904d ago

Why can't you just play the game in your lounge with your offline friends like they show in the adverts?

Lord Gunchrote2904d ago

The Wii is so far behind its crazy that it sells so well. Granted a lot of grandparents and non serious gamers may not need blu ray or xbox live how could they be satisfied with this!? you can't even get a patch lol

AllSystemsRocks2904d ago

Lawsuit against Harmonix and Activision eat Kotick wallet would be cool....

CernaML2904d ago

....Rock Band has NOTHING to do with Activision. -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.