Resolution: Kinect Sports review

Resolution's Greg Giddens writes: What a lovely surprise Kinect Sports turned out to be. Despite the obvious lack of originality and only a handful of sport related activities to play, Kinect Sports is hugely addictive and fun, and it’s an absolutely wonderful demonstration of the Kinect technology.

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N4GAddict3067d ago

Surprisingly good score

Stealth20k3067d ago

and yet its still stupid

UnoMoment03067d ago

Because it isn't controlled by the wii rip off

Infernostew3067d ago

Soccer moms and Burger King are stoked.

Funky Town_TX3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I remember when GH came out last gen and I tought it was a complete joke. I thought the same about Kinect until I picked it up. I have had lots of fun with it. Last I checked I played games to have fun. The fact that I can play Kinect Adventures then put in some Halo Reach is sweet. M$ got flack in 2005 for not being casual. Now they get flack for making something casual.

tudors3067d ago

Can't wait to try the boxing.

Funky Town_TX3067d ago

Learning how to block is a must. If you play the computer on champion difficulty it can be hard.