Inception Game - Hell yeah or Hell No? writes: "While that thought of an Inception game is capable of sending thousands into a geek-gasm, I have to step into the shoes of the cynic for a minute and wonder if we really need another poorly made movie to game adaptation."

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andron3065d ago

Nah, not a good idea...

Quagmire3065d ago

Nolan would lose a chunk of respect if he decided to follow through with this, considering most film-based games are Horrible. Even if it turns out to be decent, I highly doubt it would be better than GOTY franchises like Assassins Creed, God of War, Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, Call Of Duty, Killzone, Mass Effect etc...

pwneddemocrat3065d ago

if it was by a good developer and supervised by nolan with Hans Zimmer as a composer then, hell freaking yeah.

xenophage3065d ago

In a perfect world we would have never had any crappy movie to game adaptations because most of the time the guys who made the movie do have a hand in making the game :)

Cameron worked on Avatar and looked how that turned out.