Conan Goresplosion Part 2 - Paired swords turn the barbarian into a human buzzsaw

Conan the Barbarian's gruesome, self-titled comeback is lumbering into stores this October, and it's easily one of the most visceral games. Bloodier and more savage than God of War (and yet oddly similar, from a gameplay standpoint), Conan keeps the blood spurting at a steady clip throughout his pirate-crushing, monster-skewering romp through the ancient world of Hyboria. Severing limbs, chopping enemies in half and ripping out intestines with his bare hands, Conan does what Kratos only has nightmares about, and Games Radar have put together an exclusive look at the game's most gruesome moments to prove it to you.

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dachiefsman4065d ago

let Kraam judge YOU!!!!!!!

fopums4065d ago

LOL at dachiefsman, that was awesome

but these guys think Conan gives Kratos a run for his money? Im sure Kratos would murder him in R rated fasion.

Kratos>>>>>> ;>>>>>>Conan

dachiefsman4065d ago

but I think this game looks fun...and dismembering never gets old for me....

gamesR4fun4065d ago

If they nail the fighting on this and clean up the glitches im def in Has a single player game its a pretty old theme but has a MMOG it has a lot of potential.


I ain't gonna lie, that move with the scissor sword, and ole boy's head goes bouncin around the screen, is sick. I might get this, just to pick up and play, and Have a little fun with it. As long as it ain't no 60 bucks. Could be a really fun title, just to laff at the dialogue, and lob peeps limbs off.

2 cents