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GamesRadar have been looking forward to Lair for more than a year. Originally slated to be one of the crown jewels of the PS3's launch lineup, it was delayed repeatedly so that Factor 5 - the developer behind the legendary Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series - could finish it properly. Even now, this dragon-combat sim is one of the prettiest games on the PS3, sporting vast battlefields filled with dozens of airborne monsters and hundreds of armored ground troops at once. But after playing it from start to finish, GamesRadar left with one burning question: how the hell did Lair go so wrong?

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felidae6161d ago

funny to see that all these guys can't play a fvckin videogame.

Lair = 8.5/10 - not less.

progx6161d ago (Edited 6161d ago )

Its everyone else's fault lair is trash. Its not the game, its the player. Christ man, get real.

timmyrulz6161d ago

Dude dont get upset with the guy above, he is right, the whole of professional gaming industry the journalists are wrong and have a secret motive against the PS3, listen to the 500 owners of the ps3 lair is awesome and playing it makes you think "this is next gen cos Sony said so"

Hyperactive Jedi6161d ago

Lair is a great game, cant put it down... maybe some reviewers need flight lessons ?
I give Lair a 9


Top 10 Bad Games by Good Studios

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When shopping for new video games you can often trust the name publisher or developer on the box to be an indication of the quality of the game. Names like Nintendo, Square Enix, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Capcom, Xbox Game Studios and Sega are world famous because they helped shape the industry by releasing some of the most defining video games of all time. Though sometimes even these great gaming houses stumble and put out a stinker."

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Gamerking821476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Splatterhouse remake . Loved the og’s at the arcade growing up . Hell the best thing about the remake was the og,s were included . And left alive by Square . That game had so much potential , but the gameplay was worse horrendous .

Game-ur1476d ago

once Great studios getting destroyed is actually common. happened with ND and Last of Us2, Bioware and Mass Effect Andromeda/Anthem, Bungle and Destiny .

BeRich2331476d ago

Fuse should have been on that list (Insomniac Games)

Yui_Suzumiya1476d ago

Splatterhouse remake kicked ass

merryja1476d ago

I personally don't like these games.

East76lands1476d ago

I'm pretty much certain that any Sonic game that comes out will be terrible, I've not enjoyed one since the original side-scrolling days of the MegaDrive.

HarryMasonHerpderp1476d ago

Then you might like a recent sonic "sonic mania".

jaymacx1476d ago

For this Topic it says Good Studios that make bad games. Sonic Team hasn't been good in years.

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5 Disappointing Games and the Great Studios That Should Remake Them

A reimagining of 5 disappointing video games and the masterpieces they could have been underneath other studios.

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FallenAngel19841953d ago

How often do disappointing games get remakes

darthv721953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

well... if disappointing movies can get remakes then why not games? some of these have really good premise but somewhat disappointing execution. In the right hands they could be great.

I quite enjoyed lair (after the patch), too human and the order 1886. I'd even add in quantum break and recore as disappointing but with a good premise.

gangsta_red1953d ago

"well... if disappointing movies can get remakes then why not games?"

But how many disappointing movies actually get those? I'm still waiting for a remake of Howard the Duck.

darthv721953d ago

^nothing disappointing about howard the duck. It is cheesy 80's goodness.

gangsta_red1953d ago

When you're right, you're right.