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GamesRadar have been looking forward to Lair for more than a year. Originally slated to be one of the crown jewels of the PS3's launch lineup, it was delayed repeatedly so that Factor 5 - the developer behind the legendary Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series - could finish it properly. Even now, this dragon-combat sim is one of the prettiest games on the PS3, sporting vast battlefields filled with dozens of airborne monsters and hundreds of armored ground troops at once. But after playing it from start to finish, GamesRadar left with one burning question: how the hell did Lair go so wrong?

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felidae4430d ago

funny to see that all these guys can't play a fvckin videogame.

Lair = 8.5/10 - not less.

progx4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

Its everyone else's fault lair is trash. Its not the game, its the player. Christ man, get real.

timmyrulz4430d ago

Dude dont get upset with the guy above, he is right, the whole of professional gaming industry the journalists are wrong and have a secret motive against the PS3, listen to the 500 owners of the ps3 lair is awesome and playing it makes you think "this is next gen cos Sony said so"

Hyperactive Jedi4430d ago

Lair is a great game, cant put it down... maybe some reviewers need flight lessons ?
I give Lair a 9