Will Kinect ever be for the core?

M2G Writes:

Even though it goes against the nature of Kinect, we feel that by combining Kinect with a controller, all of a sudden you would not only be able to play existing games, but you could also greatly enhance them.

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LORD-PHOENIX3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

its for the casuals..

if ms do announce a physical controller with buttons kinect for many will truly be deemed a failure in its 'you are the controller' marketing and further cement ms's route of following the sony blueprint of ...a camera device enhanced by a physical controller

the fail articles and ms suckered you into a fake dream articles would actually be too much to bear.

but what would be funny is the amount of fanboys who dissed 'move' would actually look like the biggest pricks on the planet.

ct033064d ago

There is nothing wrong with adding a controller.
Kinect is still able to track your entire body. Combined with a simple controller, nothing would stop them from producing core games.


its like saying here we have an electric car that greatly helps the environment and thats its unique selling point,but because its to slow lets add a petrol/gas engine to the car so it can keep up with the other cars....thus its unique selling point (which lets remind ourselves is microsofts actual slogan for kinect,its on t-shirts,hats,commercials) was a load of bull...

ct033064d ago

'You are the controller' is the launch tagline. Obviously, there is no additional controller planned at the moment.

To draw a tagline comparison: how true is 'It only does everything'?

It's marketing, no need to get hung up on that.

LORD-PHOENIX3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

my point is greenburg has actually himself said that move is nothing that hasnt been done before,but kinect is reaching a whole new demographic because it ditches controllers altogether.

greenburg has said this himself, so now if he includes a controller for kinect is that not being a hypocrite? like when he stated HDMI is not needed only to include it?

greenburg to me trash talks the competition but the item he trashes always seems to be secretly on his wish list.

but ct03 you made a good point with the sony slogan bubbles up my friend

AssassinHD3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

When you add a controller to the mix you also remove your arms. How would you move them if you are holding a controller?

That is of course unless they added one handed controllers.

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UnoMoment03064d ago

Gees dude, bitter much?
Did anybody mention a new controller? Nope.
In fact microsoft said right from the start that kinect would have HYBRID games with the REGULAR 360 PAD.
So quit getting your knickers in a bunch.
"oh no, but but but you're the controller..." Let me ask you something, when hybrid games come around, will games like kinectimals, dance central, kinect adventures and the many other current and forthcoming kinect-only games where you ARE the controller cease to exist? No.
Just because you're the controller doesn't mean you're not allowed to use a controller.
This is where microsoft succeeds, they know how to market to the casual crowd. The casual crowd doesn't need to know that hybrid games such as ghost recon will feature hand gestures and voice commands. Throwing grenades and opening doors ect. So that little logic/rant fails.
Just because kinect can do controller-less gaming, doesn't mean it isn't allowed to do anything else

kneelb4zod3064d ago

@ unomoment0 A hybridize game for kincet wouldn't work if it's like a fps because Microsoft never demonstrated it,only way I see it is leaning in and out of cover ,voice command or some way to interact with cut scenes, my opinion on implementation in a fps genre seems like kinects potential wouldn't be fully used.

pixelsword3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I don't see them using a controller to be honest.

Microsoft is very adaptable when they want to be, but they are also very headstrong: for example, they didn't add blu-ray when games are screaming for it; so I can't see them giving in for buttons unless kinect is really bad for games.

pupa3064d ago

but what would be funny is the amount of fanboys who dissed 'move' would actually look like the biggest pricks on the planet.

I thought they are anyway?

Vherostar3064d ago

If it adds a controller it will be nothing more than a very expensive alternative to MOVE so wont happen.

EVILDEAD3603064d ago

I'm sure you have a bright future ahead of you..

On topic..

Anybody whose had a pulse watched the Kinect 'hardcore' argument develop out of thin air..

An argument that NEVER mattered during all those Wii days..

I own over 100+ 360 games and I game on live with some of the most hardcore 360 gaming freaks out there..

But as I look over my friends list I see Kinect Sports in their games list..

Why? Gamers play games..internet haters simply whine on the internet..

Bottomline..Halo..Call of Duty..Gears..Fable..etc..the most successful games for the 'hardcore' 360 gamers

Everyone of those games will NEVER need Kinect..

And no matter how deaf, dumb, and blind the fan blogger universe pretends to be..Micrsoft has said this from DAY ONE..

But words are word.Micrsoft delivered..Kinect's successful..and the games are simply fun

The best part is they bash Kinect for hardcore and when you mention that hybrid may rule the future..they cry..bu-bu-but then 'you can't be the controller' and we scream from the top of a mountain because then there will be NOTHING we can bash Kinect for..

Internet buffoonery is classic..

My recomendation..from a guy who spend a ridiculous amount of money on over 20+ games..two motion controller..and a wheel to play GT5..

Buy Kinect, Move and anything you want out's great to be a gamer these days..let the haters play the internet


Dread3064d ago

stop saying good things about MS and kenect dammit!!!

there is no room for suck talk here!

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wotta3064d ago

I feel combining the controller with Kinect makes sense personally, but there you go.

Bereaver3064d ago

I agree, it would be much better than Kinect itself. But, unfortunately it will still have that lag which will be causing rampages through the hardcore world.

jordypordy3064d ago

I agree, Kinect should be combined with the controller, it makes sense.

Substance1013064d ago

Agreed but since people would be busy recklessly moving their hands in different directions. How would you expect them to hold on to a controller?

Perhaps control the controller with the feet?

MajestieBeast3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

If you combine kinect with a controller its just a crappier version of playstation move.

ct033064d ago

Imagine a Move controller versus a Move controller with additional full body tracking. How is the latter a "crappier version"?

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xtremexx3064d ago

Just Wait Till Star Wars Comes To Kinect, NERDGASM

pixelsword3064d ago

If they can get it to track your wrist movements, then it'll be an different and interesting take of a star wars game, that's for sure.

Because it's not just the saber, it's using the force powers with the other hand that will make a big difference (if they or even Sony with the eyetoy can pull it off).

Vherostar3064d ago

Wasn't that just a tech demo though?? There is no more known on it. We shall see though.

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