A Run Through Sonic's Past - CFD!

In celebration (or at least recognition) of Sonic 4, CFD!'s Nate Andrews makes the blue hedgehog run perpetually through each stage of his first three games:

"After Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was announced way back when, I started making plans for a grand retrospective of sorts which ultimately did not pan out.

In its stead, I though it might be more appropriate (and more fun) to take a look back at the trio of titles that precede Sonic 4, and have Sonic run through the unique levels of each.


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Giantsquirrel3066d ago

Ooh! Ooh! I know! The last level was hell!

RobsteinOne3066d ago

What is it about music from games that were measured in bits? I mean seriously, there are some fantastic games out right now but I can't remember the music from any of them. Yet I can still remember the music from the Green Hill Zone after... how many years has it been?

Then again, maybe I shouldn't age myself.

ShadowPraxis3066d ago

Honestly, I think it's a combination of youthful nostalgia combined with the fact that they had to work hard to make use of the limited tools they had when composing. Whenever you give an artist a limited palate to work with, they have to be far more creative with it to make something that stands out.

Nightshadow3066d ago

Im suffering from nostalgia right now! Sonic is epic.

thisdustin3066d ago

I never owned a Sega console, but Sonic was always pretty cool to an outsider!

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