Mafia II - Crush! Frag! Review!

Take a ride to Empire Bay as CFD!'s Nate Andrews gives his thoughts on Mafia II.

"There’s a certain point in the story of Mafia II that, for better or worse, succinctly captures the strange dichotomy of the game. I’ll omit details for the sake of not spoiling what was, for me — a devout defender of the first Mafia — a striking, yet ultimately empty scene. Suffice to say that, at that point, any remnants of hope I still harbored for the sequel becoming something lasting and special in its waning hours were essentially discarded."

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ShadowPraxis3065d ago

Such mixed reviews on this one. Then again, I never played the first one. Hrmmm...

tigresa3065d ago

I never played the first one either but it seems like it's one of those games you can still enjoy proper without the backstory. :S

ShadowPraxis3065d ago

I'm sure it probably is. That doesn't help my psychological hangups much though. It's so hard for me to play a sequel without playing the prior games, even if there's little-to-no connection to one another.

Giantsquirrel3065d ago

I'll give it a go when I get some dough, yo.

RobsteinOne3065d ago

Eh. I'm not too big on open world games anymore, although the "not set in modern/near-modern day NY" setting does interest me...

ShadowPraxis3065d ago

That's the thing - apparently the open-world parts of this are pretty minor. According to the review it's somewhat linear.

RogueCheddar3065d ago

Yeah linear is what I heard too. That said, this is in my Gamefly queue. whether I'll ever get to it is another story.

ShadowPraxis3065d ago

Sadly, the completist in me won't generally let me play a sequel unless I've played the first games in the series, meaning I have no idea when/if I'd ever get around to it.

thisdustin3065d ago

This one is in my backlog. It's not on top, mind you, but it's there...