Life-expectancy of Current-gen Consoles look to the future and examine the life-expectancy of current-gen consoles and the cancerous march of technology that inevitably dooms them.

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djt234061d ago

very good read
all i have to say HD wii or Wii HD

stunt2134060d ago

This is whats stopping from getting a 360 because i might ask one for christmast this year just for halo 3 but i dont wanna get one if it just going to last for another 2 years, i rather get the new ipod touch, but with ps3 they are making sure its going to last for atleast 7 years.

Fisher3394061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

"On average, every console's life has been to the tune of about four to seven years. The Plastation was released in '95 and was succeed by the PS2 in 2000. The Playstation 2 was succeeded by the Playstation 3 in 6 years despite continuing sales of the PS2."

Yes but the ps1 was still made/supported while the ps2 came out.

Just because a new systems comes out, it doesnt mean the old one just dies. When your parents gave birth to you, did they just magically die?

MANTIIS4060d ago

PSX was still being supported well into 2004. It was around 2004 when I would say it officially died, just after its last big game- Madden 2005. That would mean it was supported for eight years.

TheFatOne4060d ago

That made me laugh nice work

Meus Renaissance4060d ago

I see no justification for the notion that the Xbox 360 will live as long as the PlayStation 3 specifically from a hardware point of view, or even come close to it.

bym051d4060d ago

Based on MS's past actions, there will be a new XBOX in 2 years. The 360 will be absolutely dead at that time.

Disagree all you want, look at XBOX1.

toughNAME4060d ago

from a financial point of view thats a terrible idea

but for the hardcore gamer (like me, most on this site) MS releasing a new console in 2-3 years is awesomeeeee

i have a launch 360 and ive never had a problem with it...but..after Halo 3..i would gladly toss it to get MS's next console

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The story is too old to be commented.