GT5 has sold over 2.4 million copies during its first 4 days

One of the biggest names in gaming history and the most popular racing game ever made, has managed to sell over 2.4 million copies during its first 4 days. Considering that an unprecedented 1.5 million were copies pre-ordered in Europe alone.

This makes Granturismo 5 one of the biggest title generators in gaming history and the fastest selling racing game in this generation.

Over 100 retailers hosted Midnight events In Europe Mid East alone.

Gran Turismo 5 was released in over 40 countries.

To date, more than 55 million copies of the games in the GT franchise have been sold worldwide, making it the most successful Racing and Playstation game

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George Sears3951d ago

Nice. Probably around mid December I will get one as well.

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xer03951d ago

I'm sure lots of people will be getting this over Christmas... especially since they've been paid at the end of the month now.

Blaine3951d ago

Haven't got mine yet either.

As soon as I've platted MAG, it's GT5 time! :D

BlackTar1873951d ago

Blaine man i tryied to platinum MAG and i got very close before they fixed the patch haven't played since then. But man i got so close to the all medals won and like 6 days of play time i gave up granted i wasn't just going for platinum i was more about winning but the list before the patch came out were ridiculous and i just never went back because the community got so small and waiting to play DOM(The big one) got like 10mins or more between rounds and i couldn't hang anymore.

anyways good luck i def. respect anyone who gets that platinum in the trophy world.

Blaine3951d ago

I think there's more people on now than there were a few months ago. Also, the requirements for the medals and the platinum have been lowered (well, I don't know if you were trying before or after they were lowered, but I do know back at launch it was just absurd to plat it--never crossed my mind to go for it back then! But it's more feasible now).

I played the hell out of MAG for about 4 months, then went away for another 4 months, and now I'm back to plat it!

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iPad3951d ago

im gonna get it next month or in january.

by that time everyone is gonna have all their expensive cars tuned up :(

xXxSeTTriPxXx3951d ago

GT5 sold way more then this their japan numbers are way off (japan has sold close to a half a million in the 1st 4days).

no matter how you cut it gt is one of the biggest gaming franchises in gaming.people comparing gt to forza i just set back and lol'ed gt5 outsold forza 3 lifetime sells in days.

all the bullshit reviews in the world is not going to stop this game from selling 12-15 million units.

Sitdown3951d ago

As somebody who owns both Forza 3 and GT5 Collector's edition...I say get off your high horse. 1.)Did you "set" back or "sit" back. 2.)More sales does not equal better quality. 3.)While you are laughing at sales, could 360 fans not be laughing at metacritic or overall review scores? 4.)What makes a review bull****, if it is not the score you feel it should receive?

Finally both games accomplished exactly what they set out to enjoy GT 5 without the need to resort to bashing Forza 3.

oohWii3951d ago

@Sitdown - Well Said.


xXxSeTTriPxXx3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

@ Sitdown

1.) if you understood what i meant then their was know need for a correction only butthurt fanboys and douchebags do that

2.) never said sales equaled xtwats were talking forza is going to take the crown from GT,but the people have spoken.

3.) 360 fans could laugh about whatever they like, it still won't change the fact that,as MANY reviewers have said that GT5 is the BEST racing sim to date.

4.)the reviews are bullshit because if gt5, raises the bar for car sims,then why would it need to do anything else? does what it's meant to do and it does it perfectly.

finally one game accomplished exactly what it set out to do and the other wishes it was in,it's shoes.i'll go back to enjoying GT5 and if i want to enjoy forza,i could do that to.i have a ps3 xbox360 combo(ps3 tag xXxSeTTriPxXx 360 tag SeTTriP) no game is out of reach muhahahaha.

aaron58293951d ago

@xXxSeTTriPxXx - Well Said.



N4g_null3951d ago

Seriously never sound butthurt by bring up comparable games other wise you will get a rebuttal. If you want people to get gt then talk about only gt.

It's enough that naysayers bring it up but If your a fan of gt then you wouldn't even compare the two.

So if you want this game to sell show it to people. Don't complain on the net ok?

Also the consistent accolades are getting lame. We are not trying to hire the dev team.

IcarusOne3951d ago

2.4 mil? That's it? Meh.

It's fun when you finally get into a race but I hate the menus. So cluttered and annoying. Say what you want about Forza but their interface is so streamlined. Also, I'm not seeing a huge difference between the look of GT5 and GTP. Seems like the exact same engine for the most part. But I'm still pretty early in the game. Only level 10.

The sound and physics are incredible. Again, no complaints about the racing itself, other than how lame the standard cars are. Honestly, what were they thinking. I almost wish they hadn't bothered. Stick with the premiums. That's what I expect from GT.

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Denethor_II3951d ago

@Guntrol  Top Gear on BBC HD.

raztad3951d ago

Guys you are rejoicing over figures that may perfectly be fake or just guesstimations. Dont see sources cited.

No doubts GT5 will sell massively but I wont get excited for dubious numbers.

arika3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I just got my collectors edition of GT5 2 days ago (the extra stuff on it looks awesome)! One more day then I'm off for 4 days straight. Now I can see what this monster game is made off. I know for sure I'm going to have a great time playing this game just like I did on gt4 for ps2. Ok ladies and gents start your engines and start racing GT style..

INC NATE21313951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Might i just add, Forza 3 did 1.9 million in 4 days. and i mean that only had a year of hype compared to 5 years... and this is suppose to be a flagship title like halo for xbox. but halo almost pushed doubled that on day 1 4.1 million to be exact. oh and gears 2 did that on day one, well 2.1 but still good. just sayin 5 years of hype, and every fanboy acting like this was the godsend of all games to end mankind. well ima little disappointed not gonna lie. but still a great game, its consumed all my gaming time this week lmao. but i better not play it too much and get bored of it, i might not see GT6 till PS6 AHAHAHHAHAH

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Ravage273951d ago

too bad it's VGchartz numbers, so it's still a VERY rough estimate....but 2.4mil FW is a 400% increase over GT5 Prologue and we all know Prologue end up going above 5 milion.

GT5 should have even better legs thanks to the confusion generated by the last minute delays and light marketing.

dragunrising3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I would like to get the game, but I fear I don't have enough time to give. In the mean time I will rent it. Perhaps after I clear out my backlog of games, I'll pick GT5 up for cheap.

I'm not the biggest simulation racing fan however the community and quality of GT5 cannot be missed.

avengers19783951d ago

That's impressive considering it kinda snuck into it's release date. One day it was like oh, by the way GT5 is out. Didn't see any ads for it either till a day or two after it was avalible.
GT5 is out and selling well and moving consoles, so much for those who said the delays kill it.

Christopher3951d ago

Definitely the best selling PS3 title to date. Already sold more than half of GT5P.

If it grabs the NA audience like GT3, it could definitely skyrocket.

metsgaming3951d ago

why was gt3 more popular?

masterg3951d ago

I was really impressed with Sony on this one.
I saw the game in a shop in Copenhagen. Sony had guys dressed in racing gear, and customers where racing to get the best time.

Raul_73950d ago

2 days till arrival, cant wait! xD

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ForzaGT3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

never question the GT fanbase which has extended to over a decade

proud to be part of it, regardless of what reviewers make out it to be

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