First Look At Uncharted 3 Coming Soon?

Can we be getting our very first look at Uncharted 3 sooner than we think? And what will it be? An image, trailer, information?

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avroth163067d ago

Exciting news. My bet is they'll show a teaser trailer.
Good article, can't wait for the release.

FACTUAL evidence3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

daam...look at that uc2 imagine if UC3 looks even better......DAYUM!

Edit: I'm seeing comments that uc2 was a 25m$ budget...imagine what they could do with 60m....

inveni03067d ago

This is a little off-topic, but I'm truly getting a little sick of such horrid grammar on the web. You're supposed to learn this stuff in the sixth grade...what happened?

Organization XII3066d ago

@inveni this the interwebz no need for skool stuff here my friend forget the dictation and vocab crap

inveni03066d ago

I was referencing the article, not the comments on this page.

zeeshan3066d ago

I just hope they don't kill Chloe. She is extremely hot and has a very unique character. She can actually climb Drake's ass any time even though he is freakin' brilliant!

Uncharted series has become so huge. I can't believe it. Uncharted 2 really turned things around eh? I loved the first Uncharted game but Uncharted 2 was absolutely mind blowing!

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UnbiasedTroll3067d ago

Rumours takes place in desert? Can' wait going to be epic!

IrishYamato3067d ago

The last time i was in a desert, i had a slight headache- Nothing a lie down couldnt fix though.

Blacktric3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Wait what? Rumours takes place in desert? I thought they could take place in underwater too :(.

On topic: The only thing I know about the game is that it's going to be epic. And that's all I need to know.

karl3067d ago

i think desert is the most obvious one..

hope they keep taking another approach to the game until they are out of ideas..

and then maybe in like uncharted 8... will get one final adventure in the desert =P

Hideo_Kojima3067d ago

Imagine the sand being blown away...
Nathans footsteps in the sand...
Your new allies with their physics based cloaks...

Sniping from a sand mountain...
Looking for a treasure hidden in a small oasis inside a pyramid...

It could be amazing.

Oh and mummies theres got to be mummies.

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avengers19783067d ago

I'm more than alittle excitied for Uncharted 3, can't wait to play it, and my hope is that it's as good as 2.

thegreatest78843067d ago

I hope so. I also hope that its in a desert setting like they say.

mike90773067d ago

The thing that amazes me is that Naughty Dog was able to make a game so graphically impressive with only a 25 million dollar budget. Not only were the graphics awesome but the story and multiplayer were just as equally good. I guess it just goes to show how great of a developer naughty dog really are. I cant wait for Uncharted 3 but I have a weird feeling there gonna announce a new Syphon filter instead and Uncharted 3 will get announced later.

George Sears3067d ago

Yes they are great devs but 25 million is a lot of money to work upon.

mike90773067d ago

true but if you look at games like God of war 3 and GT5 those games cost way more than 25 mil.

visualb3067d ago

GTAIV was 100+ mil...and tbh I didn't enjoy it more than uncharted 2

quite the opposite...the single player campaign was good, as opposed to Uncharteds 2 was AMAAZZING

SaberEdge3067d ago

I agree that Naughty Dog are exceptional developers. They have already made two of the finest games of this generation in only a few short years. I can't wait to see what they are working on. I personally believe it will be an Uncharted game, simply because that series has been so hugely successful and I don't think they would want to abandon it to make another game. Maybe after Uncharted 3 they will take a break from it and make something else.

nycredude3067d ago

I'm pretty sure their budget was $10M for both UC1 and 2. Thought i heard it in the making of videos.

Sevir043067d ago

However, They Got the same budget for making UC2. the difference was. all that money went into optimizing an already created engine. so it payed.

KILLERAPP3067d ago

Clowns are a 10 they scare me the most… LOL… Nathan drake is coming in 2011 to a PS3 near you can’t freaking wait…

NecrumSlavery3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Love that scene. The chemistry is so great amongst all the characters, I get so excited to watch the scenes. The writing is great but how the dialog flows and the voice acting works so well, it just pulls at me. Uncharted 2 had over 90mins of cutscenes, I hope UC3 doubles that.

HelghastDrake3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

PS3 already has 13 exclusives for next year! This makes 14! Dear playstation, what did my wallet ever do to you to deserve such a beat down.

supremacy3067d ago

13 really? that's a lot ill say...

and even if some of these get delay i wont be upset, after all i could only afford a few of these games. So yeah its looking like a great year.

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