Strider Hiryu Deconfirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Xugo Gaming's Seung-Won Shin: "To not include Strider Hiryu in this game is a huge slap in the face of his fans and fans of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise in general. What is it about the concept of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that made it worth throwing Strider Hiryu out? This could very well throw-out more Marvel vs. Capcom veterans from being included in the roster, and with only ten character slots left, one must consider which characters could be getting in over Strider."

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scar203472d ago

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I'm gonna slap this mofo right out of his house this was the main character i was waiting for damn you to hell.

Sub-Zero853472d ago

He's such a badass character sucks he won't be in the game :(

labaronx3472d ago

and im still waiting on a ps3/360 stand alone strider title

BigKev453472d ago

He will be included in DLC. Watch.