Condemned 2 - What creating a launch title means for its sequel

Despite the frenzied buzz of excitement that surrounds the release of a new console, a few weeks post-launch and many a gamer will have come to terms with the fact that the available software for their shiny brand new system isn't much better (and just as likely, worse) than what they had been playing on their figuratively discarded current-gen console. Of course there are exceptions, but for every Super Mario 64 or Halo: Combat Evolved, there co-exist dozens more graphically-gimped cross-generation ports as well as a plethora of hastily manufactured original IPs.

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Ru4114d ago

Well put together article
I thought at first that they were ripping on Condemned and the sequal to it.. Not the case Thankfully!
Verry long Read .. Had to skip through some of it, But none the less a Fantasticly written article detailing the aspects of Launch Consoles and Publishers.

Blood Shot Will Be Great!

Dr Pepper4114d ago

"throwing an enemy into a television, a dumpster, impaling him on a pipe, breaking his neck on a bookcase -- these are just a few of the finishing moves that make use of the environment."

Those finishing moves seem more brutal than the first. I can't wait for this game, it's going to be a great 08 title.

thereapersson4114d ago

I know they worked with the ESRB to keep an M rating, but they had to cut some content down to maintain that. Hopefully the game is still brutal as f*ck...