CVG: Shift 2: Unleashed - Can it right GT5's wrongs?

"We're very actively going after the sim racing genre, to be up there and compete with GT5 and Forza and take a big chunk of that consumer," Shift 2: Unleashed's executive producer Marcus Nilsson tells us in a very matter of fact kind of way, seemingly unfazed by such stiff competition.

Usually we'd scoff, grab a biscuit for the road and walk out on whoever made such a claim, but this is Need For Speed, this is Shift 2 and so you'd better believe this is where the next big thing on four wheels is going to come from.

Shift 2 has something of a battle on its hands then, but battling is something that the developers at Slightly Mad Studios have apparently embraced. In fact it's something they've gone and wrapped Shift 2 in itself.

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Fishy Fingers3062d ago

Seems, they included that to simply spice up, what most sites would call a, "Shift 2 Preview". Because there is practically no mention of GT5 in it.

Perjoss3062d ago

this game looks really good, am I allowed to say that?

SasanovaS19873061d ago

at the end of the day, GT5 will be the game inside of my ps3 :/ best game i played this console generation, period.

ryuzu3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Shift could be decent enough but they have to change a fair few things.

Mainly the physics and handling which felt more like a Tron lightcycle than a car on edge of grip.

Still, maybe they'll do it right this time but the BS coming from the devs (which is reminiscient of T10 actually) needs to be stopped. That just reeks of desperation and trying to jump on the GT5 bandwagon.


catguykyou3062d ago

"We're very actively going after the sim racing genre, to be up there and compete with GT5 and Forza and take a big chunk of that consumer"

That is the only part in the whole article where GT5 is mentioned. Do you see how not reading the article leads to misconceptions regarding how a developer acts? Is what was said above really all that horrible?

ryuzu3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Frankly, Shift is of no interest to me (until/unless they improve the simulation aspects), so I'm referring to the way this is posted right here on N4G.

If you want to be helpful, maybe you can go and report all the articles in the pending pile that are mis-titled.

It'll take you a while.

The reality is, these sites want hits from the GT5 crowd - I'm not going to give it to them.


catguykyou3061d ago

Well if you don't want to garner more hits for sites that have been posted with incorrect titles, often times by people with no relation to the site, then you should prob stop posting in the comments of them seeing as it builds the hot rating for it thus granting it more attention.

UnbiasedTroll3062d ago

this racing games is going in the right far...

ECM0NEY3061d ago

Like uselessly putting in 1000 plus cars when people are only going to use the 250 good looking cars. Leaving in PS2 graphics and lacking online features. Need I go on?

For the record I do own GT5 and play it.


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King-Leonidas3062d ago

just no... please dont compare multi-plat games with exclusives...

Si-Fly3062d ago

Why not? I'm not saying that NFS will be better than GT5, I doubt it'll get anywhere near as good tbh but it makes sense to compare driving games whether their exclusives or multiplatform.

RedDead3061d ago

Bad company 2. Multiplatform, probably the best shooter this gen.

TLG19913062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

no. there are no "wrongs" just people that are to used to shity arcade racers like.. oh wait NFS........... no, just no!

pwneddemocrat3062d ago

People really should stop mentioning GT5 in everything, it's getting annoying and ridiculous.
shows you how much this game build it's place as top racing game and everyone wants to take it's crown.

really, really, sick of the freaking endless GT5 this and that news.

catguykyou3062d ago

I believe Gt5 articles were taking over the site before any negative things were being said. I never once saw people asking for them to stop at that point. When did this new trend of no one wanting people to talk about GT5 start?

pwneddemocrat3061d ago

When we got our game and having fun with it all the time, only to read every few seconds someone bashing it and getting that as news.

before we were anticipating it, so we wanted every news, now it's here, we got it, we see for ourselves and see what we like and not about it.

let's see some news about different games, shall we?

catguykyou3059d ago

When a game get it's own dedicated tab on this very website, it is going to get talked about even after release.

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