Official Nintendo UK mag confirms Red Steel 2 online

Ubisoft has already confirmed this before but if some of you are still having doubts about the existence of Red Steel sequel, then the next issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine should put all those second thoughts to rest. Accordingly, the said sequel will be discussed in length when the UK publication hits stands later this month.

The text at the bottom right corner undeniably hints at Red Steel 2 as it reads: "Bigger. Better. Bolder. Bloodier". Furthermore, the text continues, "And oh - it's online. First screens and hands-on impressions".

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purin4061d ago

...but seriously, i hope this will be a lot better
the online component helps

texism4061d ago

sold a million copies...

PS360WII4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I have hopes. The first one was okay for a launch title and showed promise. As long as they take there time with the sequel I can see it being pretty good.

ItsDubC4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

MP3-like controls for an online multiplayer Red Steel 2 would be amazing.

DeckUKold4061d ago

But the rushed it 5-6 months Please don't Rush it take a deep breath and progress slowly but surely

jigaman4061d ago

The controls were fun and I had decided then that dual analog was a thing of the past for me. But still the game could have been so much better. UBI screwed up bad by rushing this one out too fast. Fortunately they have publicly stated that they will take more time and effort on future games regarding Wii. I'd like to think this statment will include Red Steel 2. With MP3 setting the bar there can be no more excuses. Their control sceme was fine, however had they taken the time to polish the graphics, debug the game, and fine tune the sword mechanics, it could've been awesome. Lets hope the they get it right this time around. I remain optomistic because sequels to games usually fair better..unlike films.

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