Why KillCams should be removed

The KillCam or Kill Camera is one of the most well known FPS innovations introduced in the Call of Duty franchise. Although KillCams have become a staple of Call of Duty games, they have proven to be a completely useless feature that have actually had a detrimental effect on the game.

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Monk3062d ago

No, Killcams Should NOT be removed..i love kill-cams!

Xander7563062d ago

Why though? They fail to serve either of the two main purposes for why they exist.

TOO PAWNED3062d ago

you must be bad player then Xander. If camper kills me i can see on killcam where he is and hunt him down. That is the whole purpose of killcam

xc7x3062d ago

you're a bad player if ya need killcams to find somebody

RockmanII73062d ago

I like having Killcams because there have been times that I was killed through a glitch/mod/exploit and because of the killcam I know I wasn't just raging. After the game I was able to report him ^_^ Killcams let me know when I'm having a bad game, when someone is camping and/or cheating, and what type of weapon that person is using.

Fishy Fingers3062d ago

I never really watch them unless something incredibly unusual happened.

But people who moan about camping seem to find them quite useful. Decent knowledge of the map also does the same job.

Xander7563062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I can tell you did not read the article, PAWNED, which makes me wonder why you reported it.

marioPSUC3062d ago

The kill cam shouldnt be removed, if you are a smart player and sniping, you'd know they you should move anyway, not just camp a whole spot the whole match, you barely get any kills that way.
Even in games that dont have killcams if you are sniping, you better move around because people are going to look in the place where snipers are usually at if they get sniped.

And plus it helps many people figure out where the campers are and take them out after they respawn.

Not many people really use the killcam and just skip it, but its still a nice little thing to have and probably will never be taken out

theonlylolking3062d ago

I like killcams especially when some crazy things happen in call of duty.

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