Autoblog Review: Gran Turismo 5

1,000 cars. Hundreds of events. 71 track variations. Six years in development. There are lots of numbers to throw around and lots of numbers behind the latest release of Gran Turismo, the version that fans of the franchise have been aching for while suffering through delay after delay. Gran Turismo 5 is finally here, and in plenty of ways it's the best installment that the storied franchise has seen to date.

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10 Rarest PS3 Games Worth an Arm and a Leg

The Nerd Stash: “The PS3 marked a turning point in the industry, and among the sea of popular titles came the rare games that are worth more now than ever.”

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Burrito26a5h ago

Aquanauts Holiday at $500. Nice

jznrpg3h ago

I don’t collect games for their value I collect games I enjoyed playing. Many games I own are worth a lot of money but they must be games I want to play for me to purposely collect them. Most of this list isn’t games I would enjoy. I may have some of these games because I bought my friends PS2/3 Collection years ago and I never actually looked what was in it. It was a couple hundred games though still sitting in a box and I’m sure there are some good valuable games. I should go sift through it sometime.

Profchaos1h ago

I tend to agree for the most part rarity is linked to price
It's unusual that a rare game was popular with a few notable exceptions. Games released at the tail end of a consoles lifecycle which became popular years or decades later like little Samson on the NES or earthbound on SNES.
Or games that were banned after release in certain regions

Looking at this list there's nothing I'd be trying to collect either most of these games were fairly unpopular and bashed on their release leading to the scarcity seen now.
Especially NBA elite which I remember actually watching the news about how it got cancelled but had already shipped to retail it was so bad .

P_Bomb2h ago

I still have Afrika. Who knew it’d be worth something?


PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Rocket Knight

“As a reimagining of a classic 2D platformer, Rocket Knight remains one of my favourite modern examples of the genre so let's see why.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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12 PlayStation 3 Hidden Gems

With over 5144 games on the PS3, it is easy to miss out on some great games. Here are some of the best unknown games on the PS3.

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Rangerman12083d ago

Thought I was the only one who remembered Trinity lol very underrated

Yui_Suzumiya2d ago

WET and Quantum Theory were both phenomenal

P_Bomb2d ago

I remember Stranglehold! One of the first DLC packs of its time. A bit expensive, but cheap by today’s standards.

Chocoburger2d ago

Another PS3 hidden gems list, and yet again Time Crisis 4 and Time Crisis Razin' Storm get snubbed. Such fun games, that shouldn't be forgotten. If only we got a home port of Time Crisis 5: Mastermind Edition.

-Foxtrot2d ago

WET is something I wish they'd remake, they had so many great ideas but not all of them were executed properly

It had a lot of potential

Also Wanted Weapons of Fate is another game that had some new fun gameplay ideas.

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