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"When the PlayStation 3 was first revealed during Sony’s E3 2005 Press Conference, it was no surprise to see them show off footage from their most successful franchise, Gran Turismo. Originally titled, Vision Gran Turismo, had a monumental presence during Sony’s conference and genuinely showcased the capabilities of Sony’s upcoming gaming console."

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Nick2120042932d ago

GT5 is an AMAZING racing title, I am just upset to see such a lackluster online multiplayer implemented into a title that's been in development for 5+ years.

ryuzu2932d ago

Well you have to put this stuff in context.

After GT5P (which had a very problematic online element) the whole thing was scrapped and a new team assembled just for the online stuff.

They've given us the biggest thing everyone cried out for with GT5P - lobbies and with them the ability to configure races in various ways.

The lobbies as they are work really well - amazingly so for such a major title right around release date (see the problems much lesser titles have had around release).

What's missing? Well the key thing is PD generated ranking races like GT5P had. At the moment, while the lobbies work well and are customisable, they're only really arcade races. The next step has to be to earn money & xp online.

I guess PD will "switch on" this kind of stuff fairly soon once the initial rush to online is over.

As it stands though, GT5 has good support for externally organised leagues which is what everyone wanted from GT5P and didn't get.

Game-ur2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Online, is my only drawback, was expecting, to quick jump in a race with 6-8 others like old times with Daytona arcade, now it just the same group off friends that keep handing it to me.

Maybe PD can get network code help from Zipper.

ryuzu2932d ago

You can go to the public lobbies - you know that right? Just jump in a lobby that looks interesting with a bunch of strangers.

I find there is a pretty good turnover of people so there are always some new people to race.


ExplosionSauce2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

'"Overall, Gran Turismo 5 is a racing masterpiece. With exquisite visuals, solid implementation of karts/NASCAR/rally racing, and a solid career mode; there is no debating that Gran Turismo 5 is one of, if not, the best racing title to ever grace the face of the earth. I just wish Polyphony Digital wouldn’t have left me, along with the hardcore racing fans, so disappointed with the online multiplayer and utilization of damage modeling."'

So apparently the main gripe that this and most reviewers have is the online and damage.

They're not that big an issue to me personally to warrant the 8.5 or lower scores. It ain't perfect and could use some improvement.
But it's a solid 9 to me.

The Lazy One2932d ago

"Well you have to put this stuff in context."

you have to put it in context too.

Forza has had decent online since forza 2. Need for speeds been doing it for a long time. Test Drive unlimited even had open world online four years ago.

It's not like last year online suddenly sprung up. It should have been at the top of their list for a long time now.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Multiplayer was not planned, nor Kart Racing, Circuit Creator, Weather effects for GT5, it was planned for GT6.

Is something to be glad PD at least introduce this features to GT5.

Also PD will add leaderboards and matchmaking or something like that.

ExplosionSauce2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

You're right. I didn't expect some of these features in the game.

And also, I think Yamauchi is planning on adding some more things soon.

I can only imagine the awesome that GT6 may be.

DirtyLary2932d ago

"I can only imagine the awesome that GT6 may be"

Ya those of us left alive to still play it.

How long will that title take.

thor2932d ago

"Was not planned"
Worst excuse ever... we should expect ALL big games to come out with a decent online component nowadays. Not planning multiplayer was their first big mistake if they didn't.

maxcer2931d ago

thor is right, multiplayer is a huge part of gaming these days, its not the ps2 generation anymore.

it seems as this generation moves forward japanese developers are being left in the dust when it comes to their online component in games.

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killajd2932d ago

Nothing can be perfect and adhere to all the gamers demands. Studios try but theres always something missing. The only things I want to see in the games are, Completeness, all the features they promised, and Online if it fits the game. Other than that its all good! GT5 is a amazing game and had all the features that it said it would have.

INC NATE21312932d ago

I got this midnight release and have been playing it non stop, but im not going to lie im very disappointed in it. I enjoy playing Forza 3 alot more, idk why its just more fun.

Enzo2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Traction control + GT Wheels + TCS OFF = Best Sim Racing :)

I could see how people new in the series might dislike the game since it does take a bit of learning curve to master it. To me GT5 is just more polish than Forza 3, and I do own both. While Forza was fun during its period, GT5 is now the new king of racing sim (I'm sure everyone will agree once the official sales figure comes out).

Plus from the looks of it, the game has way more depth than anyone has suspected. Kaz also has stated on his tweet that there's going to be more downloadable content, great patches and surprises soon.

The Lazy One2932d ago

traction control + turning off traction control?


Enzo2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Oops double post :)

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