Motorstorm - New track (Coyote Revenge) and new vehicles video

Video showing some new vehicles and the track, Coyote Revenge, for Motorstorm. This update will be available for download from the PS Store.

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masterg5379d ago

To me this it still the best racer on any Next Gen console.
I've played them all and nothing beats this in graphics or fun.
The only thing that annoys me it that it gets to bloody hard at the end.

Evil0Angel5379d ago

this is what i was hoping when i heard there is update for motor-storm.
i do not have PS3, i was about to buy one when motorstorm lunched but wwhen i read no splite-screen, i spent the money in WII.

masterg5379d ago

No its not possible.

This was their first PS3 game. In the beginning they made a choice (they didn't make intentionally) that turned out to make that option impossible. It is something you will have to wait for Motor-Storm 2 for.

It's only of the few bad things in this game.

My rating 93%.

Baba19065379d ago

yeah split screen would be nice. even without it it rules. i still get amazed when i see the graphics over and over again.

thereapersson5379d ago

Sure it doesn't have splitscreen, but the graphics are so good I don't really want a vertical line squishing them down so I can see two players.

The game is damn fun!

and lol @ that tank of an ATV. Looks like something straight out of Mad Max!

Evil0Angel5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

i was not raging in this game.
i play racing/sport/shooting.... anytype of games with my frinds.this game is currently the best looking game out there ([email protected] love the off road racing) and this is the type of games you want to see the look in your mate face when you [email protected] him up in the race but the fact it did not have splitescreen did not justfy me spending 425£ in ps3 specially i got all the other game mechaine except DS.
i am getting PS3 but when there is a game that really deserve spending that much money.

shysun5379d ago

Sweet....i'm ready for a new track.

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The story is too old to be commented.