Gran Turismo 5: The ultimate crash test

Following video shows very impressive crashes in Gran Turismo 5. The cockpit view looks very realistic in contrast to the damage model.

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Raf1k13066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Skip to 3:05 to see it. It actually looks pretty cool.

darkcharizard3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

2:17 to 2:29 was epic, EPIC fail!!

Raf1k13065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

lol you're right. It does remind me of the Forza vids GT fans were bashing.

edit: but the cockpit crash looks cool at least.

Hotel_Moscow3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

i thought we came to the conclusion tht you have to level up more before you get high damage

but nope the idiots commenting on this very article still dont understand that

mikeslemonade3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

GT5 is so realistic that 17 people from polphony digital actually died in making GT5 by doing real crash tests. NOW BEAT THAT FORZA 3!!!

Downtown boogey3065d ago

I just want to see how many people will agree with that...

I'm being completely, sincerely sarcastic with that comment, see.

irepbtown3065d ago

I've played with full damage (LVL 40, my friends account) and damage looks way better. I'm guessing the guy recording was around lvl 20-30.

karl3065d ago

the same amount that disagree with u in your second comment?

just guessing

sleepy33065d ago

Expected at least ONE brake light to be daaged. just some denting. Seriously, these cars are made from pretty sturdy stuff.

The side mirrors are still on, the headlights aren't broken AMAZINGLY. Kinda underwhelming.

If an impact like that can't break a headlight or even put ONE crack in the windshield, what can in this game?

ShinMaster3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

And Forza's damage is scripted, has little body deformation and mainly replaces textures with exaggerated scratches to give you the illusion of heavy damage.
Smoke and mirrors.

bunfighterii3065d ago

Doesn't mean it doesn't look good though... Gaming is all about illusions.

SMOK3xFFx3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )


Spot on, any VGD would tell the exact same thing, "Gaming is all about illusions."

Downtown boogey3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )


Yeah, but maybe that WORKS BETTER, no??
After all, gaming is to deliver an illusion (usually of the real world) in order to immerse the player.

And why bring up Forza when Grid and Dirt have way better physics and damage modelling.

ShinMaster3065d ago

Because he's a Forza fan that has been trolling GT5.

And I was simply making reference to the body deformation and how it's no better.

sleepy33065d ago

Interesting to note in that pic that the window is smashed and missing. In this vid, the windows don't even have a crack. And an impact like that will pretty much destroy the glass in the car.

And why when someone says something about GT5 that others don't like they immediately assume Forza in involved.

I'm an rfactor guy. You know, the sim that has 10X more cars, 100X more tracks than GT5, AND is used by half the F1 grid in their official simulators? Yeah, that one.

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Enzo3065d ago

Off topic: How can can I get my cam to view my driver like that? Thx!

BIGBOSS083065d ago

yh forza has great damage. i crash my car head on, the entire back of the car gets damaged instead lol.

bunfighterii3065d ago

I personally have no problems with damage in this game, as I acutally race as I would in real life and try to avoid all contact with other drivers instead of hurtling down the track the wrong way and going head on into the other racers. If you want to do something like that, play GTAIV.

However, I would not call the damage in GT5 realistic. Firstly the glass/headlamps of the car receive no damage at all, and cars are much more delicate than what they are in GT5. I've been in an accident (I wasn't driving!) and we hit another car at a braking speed of (from the Police report) 35kp/h and the whole front end of the car was smashed in. Furthermore if you watch any motorsport you'll see that these cars receive total and utter beatings from even the slightest contacts, so no GT5 doesn't have realistic damage. This video doesn't show it off either. The car gets flung 60 metres into the air from a head on collision for one, then it just drives off like nothing happened.

Does it matter? Not to me. If you play GT5 for what it's made for, racing, then the damage matters less. It'd be great to have fully realistic damage implemented but it doesn't matter much.

catguykyou3065d ago

I would of preferred a more realistic dmg system since this is a simulator, but also incorporate a rewind feature to compensate for the fact that the difficulty would go up because of this. I think over all it would of made many more people happy. For the people that still try to drive as perfect as possible, well they could just choose not to use it.

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