A Skate Bails Video

Tony Hawks games have always been the king of skateboarding, however this could soon change with EA's Skate, which is due to hit UK stores on the 12th October.

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LOFT3164062d ago

love the bail video's on skate boardin games

ATLRoAcH4062d ago

Hope the flick-it controls are what there cracked up to be.

InMyOpinion4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

They are, once you get a hold of them. Took me about 15 mins then I was doing hardflips to noseslides without hesitating =) Can't wait to play the whole game!

Tony Hawk looks like it has no gravitation and the riders have springs built into their boards. The physics are pathetic in comparison to Skate. Looks more like snowboarding in space than skateboarding. Boards stuck to the skaters feet like glue. Pshhh.

MrLukeyB4062d ago

the video looks sweet i think its bout time a gd skate game came out and what shocks me its made by E.A

InMyOpinion4062d ago

EA has lots of developing teams. These are'nt the same guys that developed Tiger Woods or Defjam...Fortunately. MOH Airborne looks good as well. The demo was very good.

Audiggity4062d ago

At how unbelievably awesome this game was. Rarely do I play a sports demo and say "I have to buy it"... but, EA managed to do that with this and Fight Night. No question.

It reminds me a lot of the old game "thrasher"... which was mainly fun because of the rag doll (not many other games had it at the time).

Very realistic, looks to be nonlinear, and a great time. The controls are absolutely amazing.