Gran Turismo 5: The very worst of ... graphic fails

Gran Turismo 5 is not always impressive in terms of graphic. Videogameszone is showing the very worst of GT5 graphic fails.

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Major_Nelson3068d ago

From were i'm sitting (infront of my Huge HDTV)
GT5 Looks Absolutley Stunning
Anyways i'm off to get myself a Ferrari

UnbiasedTroll3068d ago ShowReplies(9)
UnbiasedTroll3068d ago

PD have track history of unrivalled graphics..these short coming small but underwhelming from PD.

Look at Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 whole game is equally supreb in the graphics department everywhere. No where there is a bad texture or poorly placed cardboard tree.

Uncharted 2 is the best graphical game i played this gen. GT5 to have all these shortcomings is dissapointing. Good at some places bad at some places.

Kleptic3067d ago

yeah our expectations are higher than ever when it comes to visuals...and just like you said...killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 NEVER have a bad moment took off camera scams, and downsized fakes to attempt at playing down the whole...

but GT5 is simply inconsistent...the premium cars are so ridiculously good looking, it makes everything else stick out more than they otherwise would...I guess I'd gladly take a little less precision with the premium cars if it meant the entire game would look the same overall...but I haven't played enough yet to be full on racing on london with nothing but premium thats really a place to measure just how great the game can look...

when you start out with the normal cars definitely have a feeling of 'is this it?' wash over you...

VictoriousB133067d ago

If you think there wasn't a "bad texture" in Killzone 2, you obviously haven't played the game.

HammockGames3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Most of the time I've spent with GT5 has been appreciating the scenery and the premium cars. It looks bloody awesome on an HD screen, and racing fans shouldn't miss this title.

Granted, the flaws that are present have been noted by several sources, but IMHO they're overblown.

Graphically, yeah, the standard cars are a little "meh", but I think any driver worth his salt spends most of their time in the premiums anyway (and tweaking the hell out of them). Even when you're grinding away, you can do it in a great car => and make no mistake the premium models look fan-friggin'-tastic.

Otherwise, some shadow issues and scrolling roster clipping (during track loading) are the only issues I've got as far as looks go (both minor at that).

My biggest true gripe is menu navigation (hard to believe they won't patch for this) and the loading screens - far from gamebreaking issues.

JBaby3433067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Don't standard cars look pretty "meh" in real life? I think they got the effect of standard cars vs. exotics spot on. You see a Ferrari in real life and you can't take your eyes off it then you see a VW Jetta and you look the other way (no offense to anyone with a Jetta, I have nothing against them). I take the differences in looks in the game as creating an effect that mimmicks real life. Whether that's true or not only the dev team knows but to me it makes you want to get to the exotics that much more.

BrianC62343067d ago

I don't see any shortcomings in GT5. Only people who expect way too much do. As for the photos in this article, I have no idea. I can't get them to come up. Probably not worth the trouble anyway. I've never seen so many people nitpick anything the way people are doing to GT5.

BrianC62343067d ago

"the premium cars are so ridiculously good looking, it makes everything else stick out more than they otherwise would"

I really don't notice that big of a diference between standard and premium cars. I prefer to use the view the standard cars get since you see more than the cockpit view lets you see. You can't use them in photo mode but I don't really care. When it comes down to the actual racing they all seem fine to me. That's all I care about.

Millah3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

The only real problem I have with the game is the jaggies and the screen tearing.

Otherwise I've been thoroughly enjoying the game. As people should be, instead of finding anything they can to groan about. PD did set themselves up for this though, due to the bar they themselves set for themselves with past releases and the fact that they took 5 years to make this. So I can somewhat understand the backlash they're getting.

MRMagoo1233067d ago

screen tearing ?? really ?? i havent seen any at all not even once and im lvl 20 on a spec and lvl 13 on b spec maybe its a tv problem perhaps.

stagga3066d ago

As a games artist myself (spent 3 years working on Killzone 2 since you mention it, plus several racing titles) I can't understand why PD didn't just have a couple of artists on full time duty bringing those old tracks up to scratch and just adding a few more polys to the low res cars, at least enough to smooth out the curves. I find it quite ridiculous to see the exact same flat textured tree branch repeated 10 times in a row when pretty much all other games, including racing titles, are using proper 3d fully animated trees. Up rezzing old geometry is incredibly easy and the fact they had so long to do it gives PD no excuse. And i'm also wondering why there are so many ugly low res shadows now that weren't present in GT5 Prologue. The only thing I can think of is the 3D tech implementation has meant the quality has had to be reduced. But i may be talking out of my arse on that!

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MNicholas3068d ago

done similar articles on any other game?

Orionsangel3067d ago

No, but has a game ever been in development and hyped for this long only to receive mediocre scores? I'm sure there has but not too many. Besides Duke Nukem Forever. This is one of the most hyped games in history. So obviously this game is getting special treatment.

SaberEdge3067d ago

Really? Those games didn't have half the hype of GT5.

MRMagoo1233067d ago

i think he meant a game on the ps3 and named gt5 then yeh hes right if you count all the games on ps3 called gt5 this is by far the most hyped but at the same time the least hyped cos its the only one. If he meant any game well lol theres alan wake hyped to be better than UC2 and was in development longer than some ppl on this site have been alive and perhaps too human which was supposed to be one of the best games to ever be created but was as bland as eating a cardboard box and was in development for as long as gt5 was but i guess the ppl that hate hypocrites somehow dont notice these 360 fantards

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vhero3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago ) are fastly becoming the biggest PS3 haters on the planet.. Every other article they write is slating the ps3 and unlike other sites like Kotaku etc.. They don't even try to hide it or come up with REAL news they just do crap articles.

I play my GT5 in 1080p goodness and even the standard cars look lush on screen. These pics also look like there taken from an SD TV.. everything got that awful low res blur around them like you get from a VGA camera or a TV episode you see on youtube that in SDTV.

Anton Chigurh3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Forza 3 looks much better than GT5. However, PD needs to fix the ugly shadows and the low res cars in order to compete with Turn 10.

See this Pic

toaster3067d ago

LOL What the fuck is that shit.. I didn't think consoles were *that* bad. I mean I knew console games are ugly as sin.. but not to that extent.

Biggest3067d ago

He used a shopped GT5 pic and an upgraded Forza 3 pic. That's kinda lame, but that's what trolls do.

bennyace3067d ago

Even if he used shopped pics. PD did that for over a year before the game was released and thought they could get away with it. And everybody believe them. But the game proves to be different than the bullshots they showed us. But that's ok?

Lawliet3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Heyhey.. Thanks Anton for saving my time to explain all these. I really hate typing, so I'll just use your link as an example. I did a little changes to the image you link. Just to show you how easy it is to render an image to low quality, I am a newb in this department, but I did learn a thing or 2 lol. And I don't even need special tools, all I use is just the classic PAINT.

Now I'm not starting anything here ok? I'm just proving that Images can LIE! BTW I did this like 60sec? Not counting the upload ofcuz lol

bennyace3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Ok, can someone please find me a pic of a standard car that was shown to promote GT5 before it was released. All we saw were premium cars in photo mode. And we were lead to believe that the whole was going to be like that. To the disagrees on my first comment. Im talking to you!

N4g_null3067d ago

Law you really need to fix the lighting on the cars. It looks so much better in forza right now and the backdrop actualy has trees.

You would be better off uploading your own pictures unless it actualy look like the above minus saturation boost.

CaptainAmerica3067d ago

@Lawliet, you realize that the GT5 pic had no jaggies on the HUD, while the photoshopped pic of Forza3 you made had a shitload right?

stagga3066d ago

@Lawliet That's great but how do you explain it away to those of us who own both consoles and can see plainly the jaggy shadows on GT5 that don't effect Forza 3? And the lack of background detail in GT5 compared to Forza? (Both of which are a long way behind NFS Shift and F1 2010 but running at 60fps) GT5 has better looking cars but even then it's only the premiums and Forza has managed to include the cars that Westerners actually want to drive!

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Mr Marbles3067d ago

@ Major Nelson:

Thats because your sitting in the land of make believe.

The graphical and audio flaws in this game are inexcusable for any game released in 2010, GT# fans everywhere should be outraged after what you guys went through to get this game.

The fact that you are not says a lot about what this is all about to you. Gaming has turned into a big pep rally for two massive billion dollar corporations, and nothing more, its sad.

smash10313067d ago

Well said and bubbles for you. A lot denial on this website.

SaberEdge3067d ago

Yep, it has sadly become all about defending one brand or another and less about games or enjoying this hobby that we all share.

Terror_B3067d ago

GT5 is the definition of FAIL. All that time and hype for nothing but a decent game that cant compete with the best the 360 has to offer.. So much for the power of teh cell!

Project Gotham and Forza are twice the game GT5 is.

BrianG3067d ago

You my friend, are just clueless on how technology works. That is all I have to say to you, because you probably wouldn't comprehend other words.

Terror_B3067d ago

@ brian G

Was that a response to me? Because your post makes no sense in relation to mine and is a truly pathetic attempt at an insult. I bet comprehend and technology are the 2 biggest words you know.

Sylmaron3067d ago

Wow what a butthurt from yet another Xbot.

Luthiens13067d ago

@ terror! I've got them games and gt5 is twice the game. That's my opinion!

Absolut_Turkey3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

@Terror_B Project Gotham and Forza are the complete definition of FAIL. All that time and hype for nothing but a decent game that can't compete with the worst the PS3 has to offer. So much for the power of the RROD.

Project Gotham and Forza COMBINED are half the game GT5 is.

LOL at all the butt hurt xbox owners. Did any of you actually play GT5? If Forza's so great how come none of you are playing it? Last I checked Xbox owners are playing Black Ops. Here's the TRUTH about GT5: EVERYONE THAT ACTUALLY PLAYED IT LOVES IT, AND THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT DON'T LIKE IT DON'T OWN PS3'S. It's all quite sad really, at least for those of us that weren't smart enought to get a PS3.

N4g_null3067d ago


Well the reviewers didn't love it. So who are these every one people.

Also when did you have to understand tech to see it's not up to par?

It's impressive for a console but so is every thing else.

This is the most interesting holiday yet. Sony fans have only one exclusive to defend it seems the rest are fine. What's funny is you guys keep showing up to refute stuff. Truth is no ones cares. If you like gt5 your going to get it any way.

Like I said before hype is very dangerous.

Dig_Dug3067d ago

@scissor-runner Wow. You take a long time to say absolutely nothing. BTW:
This is the most interesting holiday yet. Xbox fans have only Kinect to defend it seems the rest are fine. What's funny is you guys keep showing up to refute stuff. Truth is no ones cares. If you like Kinect your going to get it any way.

Like I said before hype is very dangerous.

See what I did there.

N4g_null3066d ago

Dig dug I'm a pc and Wii fan. You guys have been trumping graphics all this time when the games are not fun. I'm just spectating all these ps3 owners defending or fighting review scores.

Game design wise gt5 is suppose to or is geared to training you how to drive. Technicly it's not a game. If you look at how nintendo approaches non games you would have to find away to make it fun.

Unfortunatly the fun was suppose to be seeing the power of your ps3 unleashed which one of the main reasons it was hyped.

It sort of failed to do that when earlier games did. The whole every game gets a ten really went away thanks to complaints. So in this prefect storm with the reasons to soly get a ps3 resting on this game. It gets reviewed harder.

So hype is bad and we all know no game was hyped higher than gt5 with ps3 fans, with some claiming they only bought a ps3 for this game.

Also who cares tons of games are sold via word of mouth. If you have gt5 and think it's good invite a friend over and let him see for himself. This is what sells most games over the 5 million mark.

I know you may actualy hate mariokart Wii so I'll bring it up. The media killed it yet it still sold 20 million because it was fun. It's the hardest Mario kart yet which is why many said it was unfair lol.

So gt5 will sell if it makes past gt fans happy. If they where just sheep then maybe not. Help a fellow ps3 owner out and let him try it with a wheel. Word of mouth kills the media every day.

Imagine if this game had no hype and a friend came over and saw it a ps3 would be sold every time.

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HolyOrangeCows3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Another article crying about some of the non-premium cars and trees that they should be zooming by at 100mph+?


Stop giving these articles hits, people. Sheesh.

Psynapt1k3067d ago

Agree, buts Ize always wanted a shadow simulator from PD and I have always wanted a tree simulator from PD too (SARCASM)

Richard_Hammond3067d ago

I agree with you, even tho i only have a 46" Sony Bravia it looks ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

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Shazz3068d ago

these articles are just for hits its so obvious , gt5 on a hdtv isnt jaggy at all even for standard cars but these sites are that desperate they are constantly looking for the slightest flaws and zooming in × 100 to see flaws GTFOH TROLL SITE

T9X693068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )


That's not zoomed in 100x and you can clearly see the 2D trees, the jaggy shadows from the car and the trees.

EDIT: It does work, it was taken from this site. Just tried it and it works for me.

@anzagi - Depends. 2D trees, yes that's pretty obvious. Jaggy shadows from the trees, maybe, maybe not. Jaggy shadows on the car yes because standard cars don't have interior views, so unless you drive from the hood view you will see them. There is also jaggy shadows on the interior views which you can clearly see in just about any video on youtube, so yes you will see those as well.

@adamx - Are you going to cry? If me posting in GT5 articles hurts you so much maybe you should just click the ignore button next to my name. This is why I love this site, people get so worked up over other people, then resort to 5th grade name calling and the classic "Get a life" when you're doing the same thing I'm doing at the same time of day. Ha.

Raf1k13068d ago

Please check your links after posting to make sure they work as intended.

yoghurt3068d ago

havn't clicked the link, but really, do you see that when you are driving? (which is what this game is for)

Shazz3068d ago

you clearly dont even have the game dude if you need to rely on shady sites screenshots for basing your opinion .

adamx3068d ago Show
thereapersson3068d ago

lol @ TX

Crap poster posts crap link from crap German rip-off website. More @ 11...

3068d ago
thief3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Big deal. GT5 is “merely” comparable to other racers in some respects (tracks, standard cars, shadows ), while its way superior in some other aspects such as car physics , damage and the graphics on premium cars (which would be more important to people interested in actually playing the game).

All racing games have poor shadows, in order to maximise resources on the cars (because its a racing game, duh!). For instance, Forza 3:
“ the shadows seem to be a little pixelated at best and some of the stickers on the windscreen whilst in the cockpit view are far from HD. “
“Something I'm noticing quite a lot while racing is that the shadows of the other cars will switch between sharp shadow and blob shadow a fair bit during races, which looks kinda ugly and disconcerting.”
Ugly Forza shadows:

GT5 is still is the best looking game. If slightly less than perfect but still best in class graphics are so upsetting for you, are you going to admit that Halo is junk for looking like last-gen compared to KZ2? Oh, right, its supposed to be about the “gameplay”, not graphics, when it comes to that turd. Hypocrite.

thief3067d ago Show
doshey3067d ago Show
Absolut_Turkey3067d ago

Poor T9. Her parents are constantly ignoring her so she has to seek attention by trolling GT5 articles. We shouldn't be pointing out the fact that she's wasting her life posting poorly concocted BS, we should be pitying her and doing our part to help T9's low self-esteem. There there T9 someday the Xbox will have an exclusive worth talking about. Someday, but not today! Bwahahahaha!

Dig_Dug3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

@T9X69 There were PLENTY of reasons why I picked up GT5 today. But quite honestly watching you xbox fanboys freak out about this game sealed the deal. ANY game that inspires this much hate from the XDF is a game I have to check out. And I have never seen a game hated on as much as GT5. So to all the haters out there, KEEP HATING. Meanwhile I'm going to spend the next week PLAYING GT5 (instead of talking about it) and having FUN. Peace out you poor internet trolls. hating on GT5 doesn't make the Xbox any better.

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eferreira3068d ago

lol people are zooming in like 100000000x to see alittle jaggy. Lol oh no game is broken and ugly from something I cant see with the naked eye.

redDevil873068d ago

Who the fuck looks at a tree while your driving over 100mph. Some people just bitch for the sake of bitching. Idiots, just enjoy the game.

redDevil873068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Are you going to be driving from that angle? If not then why the hell would someone care.

Petro893068d ago

There's no excuse.

Those graphics are a disgrace.

NnT32913068d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I think people mostly play with premium cars, which look superb, but having a car that ugly in the game is just unacceptable. I mean how could they put it in the game?, it looks much much worse than other standard cars. How hard is it to spend a little more time to polish it?

Thegamer413067d ago

That car is probably a port from the PSP version of GT. We should be thankful they even gave us the choice to transfer 50 cars from the PSP GT. I have no idea why people do this shit lol, if you actually have the game you will know how the graphics actually looks.

Cenobia3067d ago

That looks like a glitch to me. Either the texture/bumpmap/whatever failed to load immediately or there is a legitimate glitch in the game for that specific car that should be patched.

All of the other graphical issues are nitpicking. Are the trolls really going to reference the dog in future articles? Nobody cares about the dog. Why not complain about why he doesn't chase the cars?

Richard_Hammond3067d ago

Seems like I've gotten somewhat of an Gran Turismo 5 Improved Graphics edition, since no matter where i zoom at my cars I can't see such graphics.

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swat3068d ago

they will never admit it .. stop trying