Ninja Theory responds to PGR4 criticism

Ninja Theory, the developer behind forthcoming PlayStation 3 title Heavenly Sword, has claimed it has nothing to do with negative comments regarding a video of Project Gotham Racing 4.

As reported yesterday, a poster on the Beyond 3D forum - who, it was believed, worked at Ninja Theory - slated the video of Bizarre Creation's racer, claiming it could not possibly be in-game.

Ninja Theory has now been in contact with to inform them that the comments do not represent the developer's views.

"The person who made this comment does not currently work for Ninja Theory and did not work for Ninja Theory when he made these statements," Ninja Theory's Andy O'Dowd told in an email.

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Salvadore4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Damn wannabe who wants to cause a flamewar.

power of Green 4061d ago

Came out like they're scared what people will think of them. Two issues were cleared up in this mess so all is not lost.

Cat4061d ago

the previous article included a statement/correction from the guy that he did not work for Ninja Theory and that he worked in the US.

"Apparently, the poster's reluctance to reveal his actual place of work caused respondents to assume that he was still in employment at Ninja Theory."

and we all know what happens when you assume things.

DeZimatoR4061d ago

Now everyone who jumped on Ninja Theory go ahead and apologize ;)

PS360PCROCKS4061d ago

Well I didn't personally jump on them for their comments I just thought it was ridiculous that a company that is not 1st party that doesn't make driving games doesn't have the place to comment on a xbox exclusive racing game. Anyways wasn't them so no biggie...

razer4061d ago

This was a shot fired from the Sony camp and you want people to apologize to Ninja Theory?? If anything the PS3 fanboys who originated this rumor need to do the apologizing! I'm glad Bizarre came out and set the record straight that it is in-game.

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The story is too old to be commented.