Resolution: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit review

Resolution's Steve K Peacock writes: Hot Pursuit splits the action between more traditional high octane racing, complete with extravagant super cars and outlandish (if limited) weaponry. The focus is on the race in this mode, evading the machinations of the wily police and those of your other competitors, in the hope of reaching the finish line first. In essence, it’s what you’ve come to expect from a racing game: fast cars, sneaky shortcuts, interesting tracks and plenty of on-road tactics to bring into play. Do you use your weapons to cause an opponent to spin out and explode, or push him off the track into one of Hot Pursuit’s long-cuts – alternate paths that trick the racer’s hind-brain instinct that says anything off the main track must, by definition, be shorter – and keep him around as fodder for the cops.

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ECM0NEY3068d ago

This game is awesome, got full 1000 points a couple of days ago.

ZILLA3068d ago

is all i can think about when i start this game is by far the most connected game EVER!if your looking for one of the GREATEST games to play with friends get HOT PURSUIT!