SCEA PR Head Dave Karraker Quits

Dave Karraker, the senior director of corporate communications has just announced he will be leaving Sony Computer Entertainment of America for Skyy Spirits. His last day at SCEA will be this Friday, his first at Skyy Spirits will be Oct. 1.

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Meus Renaissance4114d ago

He joined Sony only last September so it's a big surprise to see him leave. Although, he was initially hired to cover the launch of the PlayStation so perhaps the job was only short-term.

Darkiewonder4114d ago

Of all the people to leave, it had to be him.

SilvaSurfa4114d ago

is making me dizzy. Is anyone in this thing for the Long haul. I don't know what goes faster. Exclusives or Employee's.

scarlett_rg4114d ago

Okay, here's a perfectly good chance for Sony to hire some GOOD PR people (something which they are sorely lacking)!

For Pete's sake, don't mess it up!

Komrad4114d ago

we could all use a drink.

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