Gran Turismo 5: track editor guide

Gamer.Blorge writes: "It comes as no surprise that it took Polyphony Digital five years to make Gran Turismo 5 considering the quantity of content in the game. One of the biggest features in GT5 is the track editor or Course Maker, which oddly enough may be a first for a racing sim."

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Ilikegames763066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I want to know if anyone have tried the B-Spec where in you can use your PC's browser to direct your driver's action.

ryuzu3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

According to PD, the websire for that will be activated in December some time. I imagine they have to be careful with server loads while everyone is playing A-Spec online.

On topic : Course maker is a really nice tool and while limited in specific placement of objects has a pretty decent set of customisable options.

No one has really gotten to grips with it online - still too many tracks to play, but I think in a few months this tool will really come into its own.


zootang3066d ago

I would like someone to make Spa and Silverstone please!

BrutallyBlunt3066d ago

This game is quite an undertaking. There is a lot to do and by the time i do most of the single player races the online will be even better and maybe the course maker will have some updates as well.

swat3066d ago

Enjoy it. its ur opinion

nefertis3066d ago

I will be joining the gt ranks too, I cant wait until I get my copy of gt5.

djfullshred3066d ago

I only dabbled with it for a short time. It isn't truely a custom track creator, but rather a tool that lets you dial in how many sections in a track to edit, and then dial in different pre-set track variations for each section. I like the preset idea, because it allows you to create a different track in just a few minutes.