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Like a classic car that has been lovingly but only partially restored, parts of Gran Turismo 5 look as good as new, while others are showing their age. Developer Polyphony Digital's latest "real driving simulator" introduces plenty of great new features to the long-running series, but it also recycles a lot of content. This is undoubtedly the biggest and best Gran Turismo yet, and despite its impressive level of realism it's also the most accessible, but aspects of both the gameplay and the visuals evoke deja vu, while the all-new online play uses a lobby system with about as many modern conveniences as a Ford Model T. If you love to drive, Gran Turismo 5 is a game that you're sure to enjoy; just don't expect it to have that new-car smell.

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Wakka_3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

GameSpot's review was the one we were waiting for and listening to right? I mean they did take their time with their review.

And Gamespot is not biased against PS3. They gave MGS4 and Demon's Souls GOTY. No excuses please.

Hydrolex3061d ago

No, I agree

GT5 wasn't what I was expecting, DONT GET ME WRONG, the game is beautiful but after 5 years ????

Also 1000 cars is a lie, only 300 of cars are Very good the rest are duplicated models and ....

Rumor3061d ago

i can actually trust this review. not biased. second only to x play on g4. love their reviews..short, sweet, unbbaised, and for the gamer!!

SoapShoes3061d ago

That is incorrect and I am glad they included standard models, because I am a fan of cars and there are a lot of good standard cars. This game is great!

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MariaHelFutura3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

After 5 years....

Go-karts, Rally, Nascar, B-Spec, A-Spec, lots of tracks and track layouts, 250+ premium cars, 700+ standard cars, The most realist damage ever (at lvl 25-40), Rain, Snow, Time change, Track Editor and Gorgeous Graphics just wasn`t enough. Its funny, cause this game made me realize how pathetic everything in gaming has become. Maybe they should have put guns on the cars to please all you simpletons......

@hydrolex (below)

Not me. This game exceeded my expectations ,in all reality. It`s art in car form. I`ll be playing this for years.

WAIT.WAIT. You think game should be reviewed based on hype and the time it took to make it?!?! Do you have ANY idea how stupid that sounds?!?! A game should be reviewed for what it is and who is going to be playing it.

Hydrolex3061d ago

What I disagree the most is, this game is better than Forza 3 but... the hype and the 5 years are the reson why it got lower reviews, people were expecting more

256bit3061d ago

so....the same model cars that are 2 yrs apart like a 07 and 09 are dupe cars?

RedDead3061d ago

I don't think you understand, Forza is a raod racing game only, and it got high scores as a road racing game. GT5 trys everything. Forza beat GT5 in Road racing Imo.

Also I can't believe I have to remind people about this
QUality over quantity. 1000 were only 230 are actually good? How about we he a middle ground? How about 500-600 of Almost premium quality cars?

People saying damage is too hard for newcomers? Look up GTR2.

With all this said, what would I prefare? Forza3 or GT5? Of course GT5, it's just got so much more in it.

However GT5 again, it's a whole product, you can't review a game on only half of it. Half is bueatiful tracks and premium cars, the other half is mediocre graphics with gimpped cars.

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Anton Chigurh3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I can live with that.

BABY-JEDI3061d ago

The only thing this game does not have is Hoover Car Racing. Your seriously complaining about NOTHING. Appreciate all the extra features/race types that ARE within the game. Infact, why dont you just enjoy playing the game instead of complaining about a game that you were fantasising about?

Immortal3213061d ago

.... its understandable about the online but everything else is bullsh*t.

a game with 1000 cars, 200premium the rest just standard.

walker013061d ago

but who cares how long a game takes to make? what if you fount out that uncharted was in development for 5 years? would you suddenly think it was no where near as awesome as it was?
and pd has a smaller team and made 3 games during the development of gt5.

Lifendz3061d ago

Gotta respect the GS reviews. They take their time to really play the game and nothing is rushed. I agree with the reviewer for the most part. I still think if PD had included about 50 more premium cars and gotten rid of standard cars altogether the game wolud've scored better. Hopefully they provide a lot of DLC.

N4g_null3061d ago

To be fare all games this gen that took to long to develop and where hyped got panned. Only the fans of these games will still like these games.

Also if you havnt bought gt5 yet then your not going to buy it based on a review.

Sony sort of forgot that this is the online gen. Team races and other social things would have went a long way.

People forget this game was suppose to show why Bly rays are needed, what the ps3 can do when fully taped and other hype riddled pr. The main problem is most people are not true car fans and just wanted a fun game. They clearly did not expect a sim.

Active Reload3061d ago

"No excuses please."


BattleAxe3061d ago

What do the reviewers expect, the player to have the ability to squirt a turtle shell out the back end in order to force your opponent off the road? Sheesh!

Armyntt3061d ago

Dude you knew from the get go there was not going to be 1000 cars. I mean its impossible to have 1000 different car models with the physics and what not.

SonyWarrior3060d ago

if gt5 shipped with the mechanical damage patch were getting soon i bet it would have scored better

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Bereaver3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"This is undoubtedly the biggest and best Gran Turismo yet"

But, they gave GT4 a 8.9/9.


The game was also given "the bad" of

1. Bad music

You can create your own custom playlist of any music you want through USB. So I guess all music is bad?

2. Long load times.

It's only a few seconds longer than Forza 3, but forza 3 didn't recieve that.

3. Bad first impression.

If bad first impressions are what you're looking for try EVE online. Over complicated and an incredibly bitter first experience. But if you give it time, it's amazing.

TheIneffableBob3061d ago

Standards change over time. Many racing games have come out since GT4.

Weaksauce11383061d ago

"but aspects of both the gameplay and the visuals evoke deja vu, while the all-new online play uses a lobby system with about as many modern conveniences as a Ford Model T"

If you kept reading.

SoapShoes3061d ago

Yeah but GT5 is better than them all. PS3 exclusives are held at a higher standard than other games and it shows with things on GT5 being complained about but not on other games. If Modern Wafare 2 was only on PS3 it would have had reviewers bashing it for glitches and poor campaign.

As for waiting for Gamespot, I wasn't. Their preview sucked and why wait for someone to tell me what they think about the game?

Weaksauce11383061d ago

Your half right, exclusives (exclusing Wii) are scrutinized under a fanboy microscope from both sides. The fact that either side gets it to a more or less degree is purely a myth that changes sides as needed to feed the fire.

bunfighterii3061d ago

But I really love the music in GT5...

Halochampian3061d ago


Im sure... and this standard is held because?

At the bad music.. it is pretty bad.Amazing Grace?? really??? And even though it has an option for custom soundtracks.. its not a part of the game exactly.

As for the load times. They are bad... and due to the way the game is set up, you have to go through them sooo many times! lets say you go to the race, and you try to figure out which races you can enter, but realize you have the wrong car chosen.. you have to go all the way back to your garage and then choose the car and go back. This process is actually very time consuming.

Homicide3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

1. "You can create your own custom playlist of any music you want through USB. So I guess all music is bad?"

They're talking about the music that was included in the game obviously. Yes, custom playlist is the solution, but not everyone knows about this feature nor do they know how to copy music to the PS3 (I'm serious). Is My Chemical Romance the intro music? I saw an article that it was, but hopefully someone can confirm this? If it is, then I can see why they gave it a bad music emblem :P

2. "It's only a few seconds longer than Forza 3, but forza 3 didn't recieve that."

Loading times are long. Just accept it, and they also take the long install into consideration and how it's implemented.

3. "If bad first impressions are what you're looking for try EVE online. Over complicated and an incredibly bitter first experience. But if you give it time, it's amazing."

GameSpot said the long load times, the installs, menus and music gave them a bad first impression. They talk about your first car. I can see the loading times, installs and confusing menus turn someone off.

TheBlackSmoke3061d ago

All of those who think these scores mean forza 3 is "better", you have to realise that one company aimed for the moon whilst the other aimed for the stars.

PD did not get beaten by Turn10, they just had more ambition from the start, more to live up to. That being said, they still created an amazing product.

skrug3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"lets say you go to the race, and you try to figure out which races you can enter, but realize you have the wrong car chosen.. you have to go all the way back to your garage and then choose the car and go back. This process is actually very time consuming. "

I see you didn't play GT5...

There's a button during that race menu screen to go to ur garage to change car, tune the cars etc

blusoops3061d ago

You dont have to "Go all the way back to your garage". U have the option of switching AND tuning a car right before a race. Right there at the menu screen of each race or event. It'll even tell you which of your cars qualify for said

IRetrouk3061d ago

actually, if you need to change your car in those instances all you have to do is click the car icon and it brings up you garage with no load time, if you played the game you would know this.

Immortal3213061d ago

review a ps3 exclusive, it seems that those reviews are from a 360fanboy perspective. That's why when deducting scores, the reasons are straight up nitpick(s). The game got an 8.0, and it's a good score. But for a game like gt5! no... give me solid reasons why this game receive such a score.

here are the reasons:
Quality of visuals is wildly inconsistent,

Outdated and impractical online lobby system- which seems to be the most valid point.

Too easy to win early races simply by entering in a powerful car.

Now in total, these negatives deducted 2 whole points, which mean, the problems in the game should be noticeable.

I don't have the game yet, but when I get it today, I will be looking for these issues.

acedoh3061d ago

Who cares about standards when it comes to GT5??? I think the Polyphony team held themselves up to a high standard. If this game does not crack 5 million sold it will be a disappointment to SONY and Polyphony and serious changes will be made. I love the game although after many hours and level 20 one thing is apparent and that is lack of tracks and races. One thing I have always loved about this series is getting better licenses to get in tougher races. I have yet to see any endurance races which I find disappointing. Also this game need at least 10 more tracks. If you are going to play it to a serious level you do need more variety.

BillOreilly3061d ago

LOL with all this ps3 games are judged by higher standards. Heres the game, heres the reviews. 1+1=2 . All these bs excuses. Do you guys acually believe that. If you like the game great thats all that matters but there is no legion of we review ps3 games harsher crap. I bet you think the world is out to get you because your job sucks and your girls fugly.

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deadreckoning6663061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

GREAT review

"This is undoubtedly the biggest and best Gran Turismo yet"

"But, they gave GT4 a 8.9/9."

The standards for games when GT4 came out are different from the standards for games today.

For example, lets talk graphics. When GT4 came out, it was shocking how good it looked since the PS2 wasn't viewed as the "graphical powerhouse" of the last generation..the Xbox was.

Fast forward to 2010, where the PS3 IS the graphical powerhouse as far as HD gaming consoles are concerned. Considering it took nearly half a decade to make and it was developed exclusively for the PS3...GT5's graphics are less impressive than GT4's graphics in the sense that GT5's level of graphical detail is EXPECTED considering the time PD had to make the game and the raw power of the PS3's CPU.

@Maria- U missed the whole point of my comment. Gamespot gave GT4 a higher score than GT5 for the same reason that they gave Halo 1 a higher score than every other Halo game.

GT4 and Halo 1, at the time of their release, gave gamers things that they gave NEVER seen before. THATS why their critical acclaim is so high. GT5(while obviously better than GT4 in technical terms such as content, graphics, and physics) is merely a refinement to the genre. In order, for a sequal to outscore an awesome predecessor they need to do something radically different that betters the experience and brings the genre forward. From what I'm hearing, GT5 did not accomplish that.

MariaHelFutura3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Show me a racing game w/ better graphics and more content.....or just keep quiet.

You don`t think GT5 reflects the time put in. Have you seen the lvl 40 damage vids?!?!?


No. But it shouldn`t get dissed.

Weaksauce11383061d ago

Because there is nothing better doesnt mean it should get a 10. What better console RTS is there besides Halo Wars? You would have to be on crack to think that was a 10 game though.

catguykyou3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I have seen the vids but it doesn't make the ps2 imported models look any better. For every amazing aspect of the game there is an equally jarring/ dated counterpart. The scenery looks horrible at parts. Trees and shrubbery look like ps2 place holders. Standard cars are from ps2 gt4 with upscaled res. The menu system is archaic and lacks many options that are seen as standard these days. Forza 3 has long load times. Just as long as gt5 but people complain about it in gt5 because the menus are set up so bad, you have to go through several screens and a few extra load bars just to get the same thing done that would of taken only one or two clicks from the same screen in Forza. This isn't a technical limitation. just bad design. Pd may know cars but they need to learn that making some things simple or easy to do, like the menus and online system, is ok.

skrug3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )


why are you in every gt5 article? When you haven't even play it..

let me quote you on one of your comments

deadreckoning666 - "How is Kinect overhyped? It performed exactly what it set out to do as far as controller free gaming is concerned. If you played it you would understand that, whether the games appeal to you or not. "

itchy183061d ago

dead you haven't even played this game yet. you are even in doubt if you're gonna get this game.

Traveler3061d ago

To be fair here guys are we really going to go down the road of saying that nobody can comment on anything unless they personally own it or have spent a lot of time with it?

If so, most of those Kinect articles would have been ghost towns.

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Rampant3061d ago

8.9/9 is indeed a great score.

smash10313061d ago

Gamespot gave it a an 8/10.

Doletskaya3061d ago

And it does make sense that some of the content in GT5 are outdated because after all, the game has been in development for half a decade, and there must be some elements that were made at the beginning.

SoapShoes3061d ago

How was it in development for half a decade? PS3 has only been out since 2006. When PS3 was announced it was called, "Vision Gran Turismo". They changed their development to GT HD in 2006, then started work on GT5 Prologue in 2007. 3 years at the best, but considering they were planning on expanding Prologue before starting on GT5 I would say that is debatable.

Si_853061d ago


Well said, but you forgot Gran Turismo PSP =)

Since 2006 PD have worked on...

Vision Gran Turismo/Gran Turismo HD
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5

...three of which saw full-retail release and the other as a PSN demo.

So all you 360 fanboys can STFU about this half-decade development cycle because it's complete nonsense.

TheStorm3061d ago

Wakka give me a break, no excuses for what? That most gamers are arcade based people that don't like simulation. You know who's review I've been waiting for...myself. And that's all that matters. So I know you have never played a GT game with comments like this. So I guess you base the greatness of a game purely on reviews eh? That's cute.

raztad3061d ago ShowReplies(3)
Sunny_D3061d ago

@Wakka_ I don't know about others, but I will respect Gamespot's review. They took their time and if they felt it was an 8/10 game then so be it. Atleast, they didn't release their review at 12:01 A.M. Wednesday like another reviewer...

ChineseDemocracy3061d ago

Whatever, I'm still enjoying it.

Play games, not reviews.

SoapShoes3061d ago

I respect their review, but I disagree with their opinion. I think the game is great, a 9/10. Does that mean their opinion is wrong? No, but it does mean that not everyone agrees with it. I don't let reviews mold my opinion on something and judging by positive player feedback, many do not either.

suckerpunch3061d ago

gamespot ? ign ? GT ? they are all the same. ign doesn't know how to review games ? they have been pretty consistent lately, with gamespot and meta.

i love giantbomb. jeff grestman, remember ? their review are awesome.

talltony3061d ago

It is quite clear that this game is getting tons of mixed reviews so dnt act like gt5 is an 8 or a 10. Play the damn game and quit all this crazy complaining. It's a ambitious game with a buttload of content. Any game with a buttload of content like gt5 has to have a few faults. It's 20 gigs for gods sake.

LiquifiedArt3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

To give a 8/10 to a game with so much content...

I think its completely inpractical. Its not glitchy, its not a short game. It has satisfactory online and many addtional features such as gttv, photo mode and track generator.

I just don't see this game as anything below a 9/10 and thats nitpicking.

Your all out of your minds, if you pass this up your doing yourself a HUGE injustice.

Sidenote: I own every GT. I have a wheel and a chair. This game is absolutely WONDERFUL. I kid you not and i'm HUGELY thankful to Kaz for including all the Old cars, as I have relationships with many of them!

itchy183061d ago

plus the physics are great!

Karlnag33061d ago

It takes a man with many problems to sleep around with cars.

N4g_null3061d ago

Could it be that it's just not fun? I mean you can make a fishing sim with 5,000 fish types and google map support and it could still not be fun.

TheTwelve3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

No wonder people accuse these reviewers of being bought-off with these kinds of reviews!

GT5 only does what is necessary to keep it a Gran Turismo game; there's nothing wrong with a franchise keeping the aspects of what define it. Every other franchise does it.

Franchises that don't (Final Fantasy) are criticized for it.

And yet GT5 adds so much more on top of what every Gran Turismo fan knows and loves. This game is like a MMORPG for car lovers.

Even the "Special Events" part of the game, which allows players to engage in races based on popular and real backdrops (Jeff Gordon and NASCAR, TOPGEAR, etc) is worth the price of admission. It's awesome.

My only complaints are that the cars don't look exactly as realistic as I imagined, but then again, any more realistic and you have real life.

I only agree with the online mode complaints thus far --- issues that if truly significant will be patched.

This game is about as perfect as perfect can get, short of being a real-life racer in 2010.

The five years of work in this game is apparent to me; I seriously struggle to understand what more I could have wanted out of it. Eventually, they have to release the game --- if Polyphony tried to add everything that people can imagine into the game, it would never come out. I think that along with install base concerns is the reason for the 5 years, tbh.

That's the thing --- I don't know what more they could have done with GT5.

Finally, I think that GT5 Prologue and perhaps even the PSP version of Gran Turismo gave people a clue of what GT5 would be and this perhaps "spoiled" the full effect of GT5 for some people.

But you have to be mature about this --- look at all that is in this game and that it's being sold for $60. That alone is 10/10 worthy in this day and age of games being released for full price and then having DLC a week later.


PSN: TheTwelve (add me)

kindi_boy3061d ago

Standard cars, standard cars, standard cars, no match making, standard cards, standard cars, no matchmaking, standard cars, standard cars, no matchmaking, standard cards....etc...

not a single useful thing with this review.
they delayed it for nothing.



that's indepth

vhero3061d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hanilugtehul3061d ago

no i dont think gamespot is biased against the ps3.I respect gamespots opnion,but my own opinion is that gt5 is great and anything under a 9 is crazy:-) But WAKKA the big question here is,have you played the game?(more than a couple of hours)PEACE:-)

XabiTheHumble3061d ago

@Wakka bro stfu, why are you starting already?

iPad3061d ago

I just saw the review on YouTube.

1. How they were reviewing it, it seems like it got a 9.5
2. The guy complained about the menus...............


FanboyPunisher3061d ago

Quality of visuals is wildly inconsistent Outdated and impractical online lobby system Too easy to win early races simply by entering in a powerful car.

Inconsistent visuals is unacceptable, I guess they rushed the rest of the tracks, and only used screen previews of the good looking stuff to sucker everyone in.

ilikestuff3060d ago

i love gt5, i love gt4, 3, 2, and 1 also, ive been playing it hardcore and loving every second since i was 12, its the only racing game i like, but i agree with every thing in this review,some parts of this game are breathtaking to say the least, but others are ps2 graphics, it blows me mind.

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Balt 3061d ago

Yeah, that's a shame. Good score on my end, though. I think it's more like a 6, myself. Maybe a 5. It's average. It's one of those games you can miss and not feel like you've missed out on anything.

RememberThe3573061d ago

I completely disagree. But I love Gran Turismo and I love cars, so maybe I have a different point of view.

I truly feel like Gran Turismo 5 is one of the best games this generation. The game is like a drug to me the more I play it the more I want to play it. The physics are insane and the attention to detail is astounding.

But that's just my opinion.

Hanilugtehul3061d ago

why the hell are you in every gt5 article if you dont like the game? you a fucking mystery too me, cant you just get a hobby and leave the gaming too the real gamers. Peace:-)

Chuk53061d ago

Really people will belive what they want. I don't mean for that to sound derogatory so hold your disagree. The community has shown that they enjoy the game so that's that really. It had massive hype, and didnèt cash in on all of it but the fans are happy. At least for now, provided it doesn't go all MW2 and deteriorate over time online..

vhero3061d ago

Exactly Chuk I wasn't gonna get the game but Black Ops was so bad I got it for a £5 when I traded in BO. I don't regret that decision 1 bit!

blasian3061d ago

Very comprehensive. Good review


'We' can sleep tonight.
'We' can even pray that no one catches us playing this inferior trash.
We can lie well,we were taught well.