Sega Counting Down To "Yakuza" for PS3?

Based on a countdown message on Sega Japan's official Yakuza website, IGN speculates that Toshihiro Nagoshi will announce a new Yakuza game for PS3 on September 14 at the Tokyo Game Show.

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MK_Red4063d ago

Yakuza on PS2 was a good game. Awesome production values and if they can upgrade the gameplay it will become a classic.

lonestarmt4063d ago

Yakuza was a very good game. Its the closest we will get to a shemune sequel. Not to mention the main character kazuya was one of the coolest characters on the ps2.

DEADEND4063d ago

If this is true then this great news for PS3 owners, the first YAKUZA was so good I can't wait to see this new game. And if its not a new YAKUZA game then its whatever, I think TGS is going to be really big for SONY(they took E3 and GC and now they're taking TGS).

nekon4063d ago

Whatever game Nagoshi had in mind at thne Premier event, he referred to it as his "biggest production since having started work on consumer games"

I'm in.

Phantom_Lee4063d ago

just port the Yakuza 2 here already...

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The story is too old to be commented.